‘Storage Wars’ Star Dan Dotson’s French Bulldog Bit Off His Finger

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images

“Storage Wars” star Dan Dotson had a rough 2020 for certain. The reality star nearly lost one of his fingers to his French Bulldog. The incident happened back in December 2020. And Dotson was sporting bandages in one of the most recent episodes of “Storage Wars.”

Dotson tried to play mediator between his two French bulldogs, Louis and Jax. And he found out the hard way not to stick one’s hands in front of a biting dog. Dotson’s two pets had been fighting. And the “Storage Wars” star tried to intervene in the fight. But one of them clamped down and bit off the tip of his left ring finger.

Dotson explained his injury in the most recent episode. But he also uploaded a video back in December. Be warned that the video is graphic. The tip of the ring finger was almost completely severed, holding on by only a few pieces of skin.

Fortunately for Dotson, his other dog Rambo came to his aid. The Mastiff charged in and helped break up the fight between the other two. The two French Bulldogs backed away from each other. But the damage had already been done to the “Storage Wars” star.

“He did great, clamping and pinning the aggressor like T-Rex to the floor,” Dan wrote.”I love my dogs. From now on, its Rambo’s job to break up the boys when they’re fighting.”

Dotson didn’t reveal which of the French Bulldogs bit him. The “Storage Wars” star said he didn’t blame his pets for the incident. They weren’t trying to hurt him. He just got in the way, according to Dotson. Fortunately, Dotson will keep 10 digits. He went to Redlands Hospital in California where they successfully reattached the finger tip.

‘Storage Wars’ Son Was Shot

The “Storage Wars” star had a bit of bad luck that he hopefully left in 2020. A few months prior to the dog bite in September, his son Garrett was in critical condition. An assailant reportedly shot Dotson’s son while he was on a date in Lake Havasu, Arizona. Police later arrested 21-year-old Garret Wilder for the incident. Reportedly, Dotson’s son and Wilder got into an argument that led to the shooting.

As a result of the shooting, Dotson’s son was airlifted to a Las Vegas trauma ward. The bullet hit a blood vessel and his spine. But doctors managed to save Garrett’s life. This was back in September of last year. But the reality star’s son still has a long way to go for recovery.