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‘Storage Wars’ Star Darrell Sheets Has Made a Boat Load on Show, See His Net Worth

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images)

During its more than a decade on television, the finds the stars of “Storage Wars” have come across at auction have made them a lot of money. Those finds have reportedly made at least one of those stars a millionaire.

That star is Darrell Sheets. And according to Meaww, he is worth approximately $4 million. Let’s take a look at some of the finds that contributed to his millions of dollars.

One of the most memorable – and most valuable – finds of this “Storage Wars” star’s career began with a $3,600 bid on a storage unit. At the time the pricey bid appeared to be a real risk for Sheets. However, he struck gold with this one.

The locker contained a collection of artwork by artist Frank Gutierrez. Because of this, the $3,600 Sheets spent to acquire it ended up being worth $300,000.

Interestingly, Darrell Sheets later revealed on social media that he discovered that the storage unit had been used by the artist. So, Sheets wisely contacted Gutierrez and asked him what was inside the unit. The answer was something the “Storage Wars” star was happy to hear.

Sheets did not keep all of the items in the unit that once belonged to Gutierrez. He vowed to give the artist back some of the items. He even described Gutierrez as “a very wonderful man.”

Another financially significant find for this “Storage Wars” cast member also involved an artist. This artist was Pablo Picasso. Darrell Sheets once came across four drawings by the famous artist.

Another find by Sheets was an impressive set of rare comic books. These were worth $90,000. He also discovered a letter by President Abraham Lincoln. That item sold for more than $15,000.

‘Storage Wars’ Star Darrell Sheets Brought Decades of Experience to the Series

Darrell Sheets didn’t start searching for riches in storage units when “Storage Wars” aired its very first episodes back in 2010. He had already been in the game for three decades.

And during those many years, Sheets earned a reputation for being able to spot the units that could pay off – and as mentioned above – and pay off big for the now 63-year-old reality star.

One unit, however, revealed something truly horrible. For that, we have to flashback to 1988, more than two decades before “Storage Wars” began its run on A&E.

That year, Sheets bid on and won a unit in San Diego. While searching the unit, Sheets found human remains. Tragically, a husband had killed his wife. He decided to hide her body in the storage unit. This didn’t deter Sheet from continuing to pursue his chosen line of work. His success over the years led to Sheets getting the nickname, “The Gambler.”

“Storage Wars” airs on A&E. It is now in its 14th season. The first episode of this new season aired on Nov. 2