‘Storage Wars’ Stars Dan & Laura Dotson Drop Special Video Celebrating Show’s 300th Episode

by Madison Miller

“Storage Wars” is coming up on a massive new milestone.

The reality TV series has been on A&E since 2010 and will soon be going into season 14 soon. The show follows a group of people who purchase storage lockers that haven’t had their rents paid, therefore the contents get sold at auctions.

Laura and Dan Dotson Celebrate 300th Episode

Two of the stars of the show, Laura and Dan Dotson, are getting ready to celebrate hitting episode number 300. The episode that premieres on Tuesday, November 2 will mark that special occasion.

The two shared a video celebrating the occasion. Laura thanks “friends and family” as well as all of the fans of “Storage Wars” that have allowed the show to go on for so long. She then takes viewers to a behind-the-scenes look at a day of filming.

You can see the large group of cast and crew members gathered around a storage facility. The video also goes into a special sneak peek into the upcoming episodes. It seems to have all that drama and tension the show is so known for.

There are few things some of these buyers wouldn’t do for a priceless locker. As one person said, “I have no problem beating a senior citizen.”

Laura and Dan Dotson have been auctioneers on the show since the very beginning. They are a husband and wife that own their own business, the American Auctioneers. They have been the primary auctioneers so far on the show.

So far, there have only been two instances where they weren’t the primary auctioneers. In a season five episode, Dan had an aneurysm and needed someone to fill in. Then, in season eight, Dana and Laura got into a physical fight with buyer Dave Hester.

Recent Episodes of ‘Storage Wars’

“Storage Wars” has a lot of favorites that returned this season — the Dotsons, Jarrod Schultz, Darrell Sheets, Kenny Crossley, Rene Nezhoda, Casey Nezhoda, and Ivy Calvin and his sons.

As usual, we get a look at these cutthroat auctions as rivals desperately try to outbid each other to earn massive amounts of cash.

What some fans didn’t expect, however, was the return of Barry Weiss. He will return to the show on November 2. He had to leave the show after sustaining injuries from a serious motorcycle crash back in March.

Now the king of collectibles is back with “Storage Wars.”

“Did you miss me? In the last seven years, a lot of stuff has changed with me. I’ve been working with a bidding coach. I completely cut out arugula. I feel like a completely born-again bidder,” he said in a preview, according to TV Insider.

He came out of retirement, which is exciting for viewers, but will make life harder for other buyers.