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‘Storage Wars’ Stars Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante Secretly Split Two Years Ago

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Mike Pont/FilmMagic)

In a world of social media and an almost never-ending news cycle, keeping anything a secret can be very difficult. So, the split between two stars of the A&E show “Storage Wars” being kept secret for two years is surprising indeed.

Those two stars are Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante. According to PEOPLE.com, their relationship actually ended two years ago. However, the public is just now finding out about the end of their relationship. The couple shares two children together. They reportedly have a daughter named Payton and a son named Cameron.

The news of the breakup came to light during the first episode of the reality show’s 13th season. This episode aired on Tuesday (April 20) on A&E. During this episode, Brandi Passante broke the news about the end of her relationship with Jarrod Schulz.

“I’m not with Jarrod anymore,” Passante reportedly said during the episode.

Schulz also had the opportunity to chime in about the end of his relationship with Passante.

“Just because me and Brandi aren’t together anymore, doesn’t mean we can’t go to an auction — but separately,” Jarrod Schulz said.

Unsurprisingly, the first episode of the 13th season of “Storage Wars” showcased the drama between Schulz and Passante. At one point during the episode, she referred to him as “an idiot.” She based that judgment on a $400 bid he made for a storage unit.

Later, Schulz got his own dig in against Passante during the episode. It was his plan, he said, to be a competitor of hers for storage units.

“You know, if Brandi bids on it, I’ll probably bid,” Schulz said on the show.

Brandi Passante Said Split From Jarrod Schulz Helped Her Realize Who She Is

According to Brandi Passante, her relationship with Jarrod Schulz came to an end while they were filming the 12th season of “Storage Wars.”

She also said that the end of the relationship gave her freedom to learn more about herself.

“I wasn’t really allowed to have an identity for many, many years. And so these last couple of years, I’m kind of coming into my own and figuring out who I am. I just don’t have an attachment to anyone,” Passante said, according to PEOPLE.com. “I’ve definitely dated and things like that, but … right now it’s not something I’m really trying hard to seek out. I’m waiting until I can feel an attachment to someone.”

Learn More About the “Storage Wars” Reality Show on A&E

According to the official website of “Storage Wars,” the show follows “wild auction battles in California.” Bidders go to auctions in an effort to find a storage unit full of prized goods that they can sell for a profit.

In addition to Passante and Schulz, the show follows Darrell Sheets, Kenny Crossley, Rene Nezhoda, Casey Nezhoda, Dan Dotson, Laura Dotson, and Ivy Calvin.