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‘Storage Wars’: These Bidding Wars Pranks Were Absolutely Hysterical

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images)

Storage Wars tends to turn into “Prank Wars” when the stars feel like messing with their fellow cast members. And in the end, the real victim is the bidder’s wallet.

But don’t think that David Hester and Darrell Sheets are dropping banana peels and planting whoopee cushions. Rather, these pranks happen during the actual bidding. When there’s a locker that everyone knows one person just can’t give up, they decided to rack up the price so that they pay a little extra for their treasure.

Take, for example, when Jarrod Schulz showed his interest in a packed locker. Once fellow bidder Ivy Calvin realized Schulz wasn’t going to let up, he decided to throw his hat in the ring just long enough so that Schulz had to pay $3,000 for the unit. It’s a dirty and often frustrating trick. But let’s be honest, it’s also pretty entertaining.

Check out Calvin’s prank and more in the clip below.

Unfortunately for Schulz, the locker surely wasn’t worth what he paid for it. The deal looked promising when former girlfriend Brandi Passante uncovered an offshore fish tracker that seemed pretty high-tech. So, as always, the Storage Wars stars took the equipment to an expert to get a better idea of its value. They ended up visiting a local aquarium and found out that when paired with a microphone, the device allows the user to hear the communication between aquatic creatures. They even tested it out for themselves and listened to a shark and manta ray chow down on a piece of bait.

But the tracker was not nearly as advanced or essential as the couple had hoped. The aquarium staff member priced the item at just $300, barely making a dent in their $3,000 purchase. Calvin’s prank definitely hit Schulz where it hurt the most.

‘Storage Wars’ Star Has to Pay the ‘Hester Tax’

Calvin isn’t the only prankster among the Storage Wars cast. Fans wouldn’t be all that surprised to learn that the bidding prank is one of Dave Hester’s favorite pastimes at the lockers. Once he catches the scent of a bidder hellbent on a purchase, he helps bump up the price a few hundred (or thousand) dollars.

This is exactly what happened to Ivy Calvin when he thought he found a gem of a unit. Calvin, himself, admitted that he always spends too much when he finds a locker with tools in it. So, even when he knew Hester was pranking him, he kept raising the price. Once the price reached $1,900, Hester finally backed off.

“I think you paid the Hester tax,” he told the fellow Storage Wars star.

Thankfully for Calvin, all those rusty tools still helped him make a profit off the brutal buy.