‘Storage Wars’: What Were the Most Expensive Items Ever Found in Lockers?

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)

We don’t know what’s more exciting on Storage Wars the actual reveal of the lockers, the competitive bidding or the amazing speed that the auctioneer calls prices. While it might appear to be fun and games, these bidders are looking to find the treasure in someone else’s trash. Rather than spending their time browsing at a garage sale, these stars crave higher stakes and higher rewards.

It takes a lot of guts to gamble hundreds and thousands of dollars on a space that can’t guarantee any value. Sure, they get to take a flashlight to the locker for a few seconds, but a lot of times, that just isn’t enough information to confidently place a big bid. And, as you can probably guess, not every bid pays off. Sometimes, when the stars shell out big money, they don’t find much more than a rusted-out bike and grandma’s wardrobe.

Once in a while, though, they find (sometimes literal) hidden gems among the trash bags and cardboard boxes within the storage lockers. Those once-in-a-blue-moon moments are the reason these Storage Wars stars continue to bet their bucks on the show.

Take a look at some of the most expensive items that the Storage Wars competitors have found.

‘Storage Wars’ Couple Misses Out on $300k Locker

Working in teams on Storage Wars can go one of two ways: you get a valuable second opinion that talks you out a bad purchase, or you have someone that holds you back from a promising purchase. In the case of Brandi and Jarrod, both are true.

According to Brandi, Jarrod has a tendency to ignore her warnings when she senses a locker won’t have much worth. So when she was in control, she chose to do the same. Her other half told her to stay under $3,000 for one bid, but she gave subtle hints to the auctioneer that she was still in the running even after the bidding reached Jarrod’s imposed limit. Even when Jarrod blocked his honey, Brandi continued to raise a finger as the price climbed higher. Eventually, “Team Tank Top” leader Darrell outbid the lady of the lockers with a price of $3,600.

It didn’t take long for Storage Wars fans to realize that Jarrod made a huge mistake by not backing Brandi’s avid bidding. As Darrell and Brandon comb through the boxes, they find dozens if not hundreds of Frank Gutierrez’s original paintings.

Once an expert came to give her opinion on the price of the pieces, Darrell was crossing his fingers, hoping that this locker would be the big bucks he needed. After surveying the locker, the expert placed the price at $300,000.

“This is my biggest hit ever,” Darrell told his knowledgeable guest.

Too bad for Jarrod and Brandi.