‘Street Outlaws: Gone Girl’: How, When to Watch New Spin-Off Series

by Kati Michelle

From the creators of “Street Outlaws” comes a new spin-off series entitled “Street Outlaws: Gone Girl.” The series is set to premiere on Discover+ on September 6th. We have all the details you need.

“Gone Girl” will follow the trials and tribulations of 7 badass women drivers from across the United States. They will all compete for speed and street cred. There is an unlikely twist, however. The ladies will strictly race in 100% street-legal vehicles. This means there is no easy way to the finish line or shortcuts to be had. Instead, strictly skill will determine who comes out ahead. We know the series will be set in Las Vegas.

Discover says fans of the mother series will recognize some faces from “Street Outlaws” like Tricia, Precious, and Chelsea. Additionally, No-Prep Kings leader and drag racer, Lizzy Musi makes an appearance. As far as newbies go, fans can expect the debut of The Axe Lady Sarah Roach, Vegas local Armani Johnson, and team Wyoming driver Courtney Anton.

Here’s a first look inside the series:

‘Street Outlaws’ Spin-off Series Gets Mixed Initial Response

The “Street Outlaws” mother series is already wild in its nature and comes with somewhat of a past of controversy. Because the series depicts real people doing illegal things ie. street racing, the show’s cast does not receive any official sponsorships. Moreover, some people accuse the show of romanticizing crime and illicit activities. With the newest announcement of an all-female cast, the spin-off might be subject to even more scrutiny. Initial reactions have been very mixed.

What’s more, on Discover’s latest Facebook reveal of the spin-off, some of the comments get pretty ugly. However, there are others open to this change of pace. One commenter writes: “Wow this is gonna be different here….. Used to seeing the boys goin’ at it.” Another commenter voiced her support: “Go get ’em ladies❤❤❤❤ Love the MSO ladies”

To join the conversations surrounding the series, social media users are urged to use the hashtag #StreetOutlaws:GONEGIRL


DragZine had the chance to talk to one of the original “Street Outlaws” castmates. It’s a rare interview where they discussed all things street racing. OG Justin Shearer talked about coming from a past that was holding him back and how street racing is what actually freed him. In this lengthy quote he provided, Shearer also mentioned what keeps him going: the fans.

“To us, the winning or the losing was the same. You’d go out there, and you race the biggest dudes that you know on that street, and somebody was coming home a winner and somebody was coming home a loser. So it was still drag racing, it just wasn’t in the same place. But to us it was the same thing. We never wanted to be illegal street racers. That was just…how it turned out.

Now, with the opportunities that we’ve been given in the past few years, we’ve been able to show the world what we love to do, and why we love to do it.”

The ladies of the spin-off can probably relate to Shearer’s passion for the sport. As a matter of fact, they’re ready to make their mark!