‘Street Outlaws’ Set to Debut All-New Female-Driven Series ‘Gone Girl’

by Madison Miller

Some of the fastest female racers all across the country are coming together for an epic new spotlight on “Street Outlaws: Gone Girl.”

The new show will showcase women in the motorsports world that are absolutely dominating the competition.

“Street Outlaws: Gone Girl” is going to zero in on seven women in the street racing world. The show will air on Discovery. The network promoted the upcoming series with a news release on their site hyping up the speed and competitive edge coming to the screen.

“They’re ready to rev into high gear and do what they do best — drive fast and win. These drivers all have a passion for speed, running through their veins, and they’re ready to show the world who’s the boss lady,” Discovery wrote.

The women are gathering in the streets of Las Vegas for some authentic street racing. That means no gimmicks, no fancy cars, no elaborate engines or massive tires, just some street-legal vehicles ready to hit the pavement in the City of Sin.

Several of the women are going to be familiar faces for fans of “Street Outlaws.” MSO’s Queen of the Streets, Precious Cooper, Tricia Day, and Chelsea Day. The “No-Prep Kings” champion, Lizzy Musi, will also be along for the ride. Meanwhile, viewers will see some all-new faces as well. Each driver brings along a unique driving style and personality to the mix.

The famous Ax Lady Sarah Roach, Armani Johnson, and the team Wyoming driver Courtney Anton are all making a debut on the show.

The show is set to premiere on Monday, September 6 on Discovery+. At the end of it all, viewers will know which woman dominates the streets.

The Women of Memphis

One of the most exciting parts of the new “Street Outlaws: Gone Girl” show is the inclusion of the Memphis Street Outlaws team. It consists of three of the most talented women in street racing.

One of which is Precious Cooper. You may also know her as her popular nickname, Queen of the Streets. She can drive just about anything on the streets straight off the trailer. She also has her own famous call at the end of the race, “Off with their head!”

Precious has been racing since she was in her 20s, starting with a car affectionately deemed the Puddle Jumper.

Also joining the party is popular racer Tricia Day. She is known for her 1963 Chevy II Nova, which she named Heifer. She once drove away with $32,000 from an epic race in Detroit, Michigan.

The two women are a part of JJ’s team. He leads a group of street racers to success with his garage full of impressive cars. JJ “Da Boss” has loved muscle cars since he was a kid growing up in the Memphis area.