‘Street Outlaws’: Where is Cast Regular Josh ‘Doughboy’ Day?

by Joe Rutland

Outsiders love their cars and “Street Outlaws” highlights numerous fast street cars. One cast member has been missing. Where is “Doughboy?”

Josh Day, who goes by the nickname “Doughboy” on the Discovery Channel show, hasn’t been seen for a bit. Fans want to know what’s going on with one of their favorite “Street Outlaws” stars.

Let’s do our best to break down the situation. According to an article in The U.S. Sun, Day has been keeping a low profile because of some legal issues. That reasoning came from a Reddit thread about his whereabouts.

‘Street Outlaws’ Cast Member JJ Da Boss Said Day Suffered Back Injury

“Street Outlaws” cast member JJ Da Boss has said Day suffered a back injury that affected a disc. Boss said that’s why he hasn’t been on the show.

Then again, someone on Twitter posted a picture in June 2020 of “Doughboy” at the Memphis Street outlaws event.

Do you know, though, who we have not heard from about his status? Day himself. Stars on shows like “Street Outlaws” usually like to keep in touch with their fans and viewers. But Josh Day has definitely kept a low profile over these past few months.

Fans must love “Doughboy” because they want to know where he is right now and why he’s not been on the show at all. In fact, Day has been as quiet as a church mouse about his absence from “Street Outlaws” these days.

Car-Crazy Show Originally Aired On Discovery Channel In 2013

The show originally aired on the Discovery Channel in 2013 and has more than 140 episodes in the can. Fans who want to watch old episodes of “Street Outlaws” can do so through the network’s paid subscription website. A few seasons also are available on streaming service Hulu.

If any Outsider knows of “Doughboy” and his whereabouts, then give us a heads-up.

Meanwhile, fans of the show will remember mechanic Chris Ellis. He sadly died on Sept. 9, 2020, at 39 years old. He went by the nickname “Kentucky” and was a featured member of the show during 2013. Ellis made recurring visits to the show through 2018.

Fans, family members, and friends shared condolences upon hearing the news. One person wrote “Prayers for the family. We are so sorry for your loss. Love watching him on tv”. Another wrote, “Gonna miss your presence on the show and at the track bud You always had a way to break up the tension it seemed Forever missed bud R.I.P.”

“Street Outlaws” remains one of the most popular reality shows on the Discovery Channel. If it wasn’t, then there would not be as much interest in the whereabouts of “Doughboy” right now. It’s a show that street-car lovers keep watching over and over again.