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Sturgill Simpson Replacing Danny McBride in ‘Godzilla’ Director’s New Movie

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Elektra Records)

Sturgill Simpson is stepping away from music. However, that doesn’t mean that he’s going to disappear from the public eye. Recently, Simpson joined the cast of Gareth Edwards’ upcoming film. He replaced Eastbound and Down star Danny Hicks in the role.

Fans probably won’t be surprised to see Sturgill Simpson on the big screen. When he let the world know that his music career was over, he said he wanted to take on new challenges. Additionally, Simpson has been in a handful of movies over the years. For instance, he appears in The Dead Don’t Die and The Hunt. Now, he has joined the cast of Gareth Edwards’ upcoming film True Love.

At the time of writing, details about True Love are sparse. Deadline reported yesterday that Sturgill Simpson replaced Danny McBride in a role in the film. However, we don’t know anything about the character he will play. In fact, he doesn’t yet show up on the film’s IMDB page. That same page states that the plot details for the film are “under wraps,” but Deadline reports that it will be a near-future sci-fi movie.

The page does list some other cast members. For instance, True Love will feature Gemma Chen. Marvel fans will recognize her as Sersi from Eternals. Additionally, Benedict Wong is attached to the film. He was in The Martian, Annihilation, and plays the character Wong in multiple Marvel Films. Allison Janney, known for such films as Juno, The Help, and Hairspray is also attached to the film.

Deadline reports that Danny McBride stepped away from the film due to scheduling conflicts. Right now, Halloween Ends, the third in a trilogy of sequels to John Carpenter’s horror classic, is in production. McBride co-penned the script for that film and may be involved with its production. At the same time, True Love is currently filming in Thailand. His departure from the film made room for Sturgill Simpson.

Is Sturgill Simpson Focusing on Acting?

“Maybe,” is the only real answer to this question. Over the years, Sturgill Simpson has proved that he’s unpredictable. For instance, everyone started branding him as a country star, so he released Sound and Fury. That was a psychedelic rock album with a companion anime film of the same name. Then, he cut some bluegrass records and capped his solo career off with the traditional country banger The Ballad of Dood & Juanita.

Right now, the world is waiting on the Martin Scorsese-helmed Killers of the Flower Moon. In that film, Sturgill Simpson appears alongside Leonardo DiCaprio and fellow musician Jason Isbell. That film is in post-production at the moment and is expected to hit theaters later this year.

Really, only time will tell what the future holds for Sturgill Simpson. It seems like he’s continuing his career-long habit of chasing what makes him happy. So, whatever happens, we’re here for it.