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Super Bowl 2022: Here’s How Much It’ll Cost You to Buy Tickets Last Minute

by Suzanne Halliburton
(Photo by Maximilian Haupt/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Let’s say you’re a huge fan of the Bengals or Rams and really, really want to attend the Super Bowl in person. And let’s also add that you’ve got some extra bucks in the checking account or freed up a chunk of your credit limit. You can get yourself to SoFi Stadium. All you need is to get through the gates of this dazzling stadium.

So how much would it cost for a last-minute ticket to the Super Bowl? Answer — a ton. We’ll get to how much, but first, let’s set the Super Bowl table.

“This is LA. The entertainment capital of the world where prices for everything are through the roof. This is a perfect storm,” said Adam Budelli, a StubHub spokesperson.

Budelli wasn’t being hyperbolic. With a day before the upstart Bengals meet the hometown Rams, tickets for Super Bowl LVI already are the most expensive in history. According to Sportico, SoFi Stadium suite level tickets cost $100,000 on the NFL Ticket Exchange as of a week ago. Meanwhile, the cheapest tickets on StubHub and Ticketmaster are $5,000, including fees. But bring a pair of binoculars, you’ll need them to see the action on the field. Or else, you can watch it from the 120-yard long video board hanging above the field. It’s billed as the largest in the history of sports.

However, you can grab a ticket down low with a sideline view. If you want to sit near the Bengals and check out Joe Burrow, it’ll cost $50,000. What a deal!

This probably isn’t much of a surprise, given the location of the game. But most of the folks buying last-minute Super Bowl tickets are from California. After all, the Rams are the home-town team.

StubHub tracks the geographic details of its Super Bowl ticket sales. Twenty-eight percent of the buyers are from California. However, the number jumps a bit to 30 percent among fans buying tickets over the last day. That’s the same for fans from Ohio buying last-minute tickets.

Meanwhile, the Bengals will be represented, but likely won’t have as many fans as the Rams. Ten percent of the buyers are from Ohio and three percent come from Kentucky, which also is the Bengals primary market. And if you’re into Super Bowl ticket geography, 4 percent of the buyers come from Florida, while another 4 percent are from Illinois. Although Texas doesn’t have a team in the Super Bowl, Lone Star football fans bumped Kentucky out of the top five.

But if you do make it inside SoFi Stadium, know that this will be a sweaty Super Bowl. Not only will it sport the highest ticket prices in Super Bowl history, but it’ll also be the warmest championship game on record. SoFi Stadium bills itself as an indoor/outdoor venue, but it has no air conditioning. The LA area is under an excessive heat warning, the first time California has needed to issue one during a winter month. The temperature at kickoff will be about 85 degrees. However, if you’re watching the Super Bowl in person, don’t complain about the heat.