Super Bowl Fans Criticize SoFi Stadium’s Food Menu

by TK Sanders

Super Bowl Sunday is the ultimate “cheat day” for dieters across the country who want to pair their football finale with some wings, chips, and desserts. Actual stadium attendees of the event are no different; everyone wants to make their Super bowl experience memorable and special, and good food has a large part in that goal.

Los Angeles’ SoFi Stadium, the home of this Sunday’s big game, shared a sneak peek of some of the fare they will offer to guests via social media. The SoFi “chefs” learned the hard way, however, that the twitter mob is fickle at best, as critics all over the platform began roasting the uninspired snacks.

“Most of this looks like overcooked, dried out garbage. The salad looks like the best thing they are offering,” one person tweeted.

“I know what it means when restaurants don’t show prices with their offerings. I suspect the same goes here,” tweeted another.

Other critics called the pictures “trash” and “slop” and a few other things not fit to print. The backlash began when sports reporter Arash Markazi sent out a few pictures and videos of the finished products that So Fi served ahead of the game. Until then, SoFi had only released staged shots of the menu, which includes cheeseburger subs, beef barbacoa burritos, “street” hot dogs, pepperoni pizzas, “tsunami” tater tots with “eel sauce,” and a lobster salad, among other options.

Some other responses to the Super Bowl food menu were also negative

One user saw a photo of shriveled up sausage, writing: “Yeah too bad the displays aren’t edible. Cute how they made it look good. Too bad when you actually get it you get something similar to a Slim Jim on a bun.”

“I don’t mean to be *that* person but this is an incredibly weak lineup of food for the Super Bowl,” another viewer of Markazi’s clip stated. Yet another said: “Omicron won’t be the only thing spectators will have to be worried about it they eat that food. Better get the Pepto ready. I hope the plumbing works.”

“Better eat before going to stadium because everything looks burnt or right out from under heat lamp. Not appetizing at all!” said an unimpressed snacker.

The stadium has not responded to requests for comment, according to the NY Post.

Home chefs will whip up their own menu

Search engine requests have skyrocketed as of late for certain junk foods and game treats. Unsurprisingly, different variations of “wings” is among the most popular search terms this week. In the North and Northeast, users typically search for Buffalo wings, whereas in the South users search for hot wings.

Buffalo chicken-style dip is also a common search term (in many different states), as is seven layer dip (in Alaska and Hawaii) and queso (in Texas). And in far-North states like Wisconsin and Minnesota? Cheddar cheese dip reigns supreme, of course.

The Super Bowl officially kicks off at 6:30 ET on NBC.