Super Bowl LVI: 10 Most Bizarre Prop Bets During the Bengals-Rams Game

by Chris Haney

It’s that time of year again. NFL fans are hitting up their bookies, placing huge bets at casinos, and using their favorite betting apps on their smartphones to try to win big while watching the Super Bowl.

The NFC Champion Los Angeles Rams will play at home in SoFi Stadium against the AFC Champion Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday. Fans and analysts all have their own opinions about who will come out on top this weekend. Many are predicting a tight game, but you never know when it comes to the last game of the season.

In fact, bettors are expected to turn out in massive numbers for Super Bowl LVI. The American Gambling Association is predicting that a record 31.4 million Americans will place bets on the Big Game this year. The gambling association assumes that bettors will spend $7.61 billion in wagers. That’s a 78% increase compared to just last season.

According to Caesars Sportsbook, Vegas has L.A. with the -4.5 point spread. Additionally, the over-under total is set at 48.5 points and the money line is Los Angeles -200, Cincinnati +170. Yet if you’re looking for serious game analysis for Super Bowl wagers, you’ve come to the wrong place. Today, we’re focusing on the obscure, at times hilarious, and always entertaining prop bets.

For the uninitiated, a prop bet, which is short for proposition bet, is a sports betting wager that isn’t directly connected to the final score or outcome of a game. The Super Bowl is well-known for having wild prop bets that aren’t normally available for regular games. Here’s a breakdown of the craziest prop bets for Super Bowl LVI.

Super Bowl LVI Pre-game Prop Bets

1) Over/Under On How Long the National Anthem Will Last

Our first prop bet will pay out to winners before the Big Game ever begins. For years now, it’s become a popular bet to wager on the length of the national anthem. This year, country and R&B star Mickey Guyton will lend her voice to “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Will she sing the anthem longer or shorter than 95 seconds? In the last 15 pre-game anthems before the Super Bowl, only two singers finished in less than 95 seconds.

  • Over 95 seconds: -130
  • Under 95 seconds: + 110

2) Pre-game Coin Toss Results

Another staple of Super Bowl prop bets – the coin toss results. In very few cases do bettors get to wage on a true 50/50 proposition. History has tails winning the Big Game coin toss 29 times. However, even though “tails never fails,” heads has won 26 times.

  • Heads: – 105
  • Tails: -105

Prop Bets That Involve Super Bowl Commercials

3) How Many Commercials Will Feature At Least One Dog?

You read that correctly. One of the most popular features of Super Bowl commercials is man’s best friend. Brands like Doritos, Dodge, and Budweiser have all famously used canines in their commercials. In the last three years, at least seven commercials per game have featured dogs.

  • Over 6.5 Dog Commercials: +115
  • Under 6.5 Dog Commercials: +105

4) How Many Commercials Will Feature a Baby In It?

Similar to the dogs in commercials prop bet, Las Vegas has another one that involves babies. The odds are set at only two commercials to feature the little ones. Specifically, the odds take into account the total number of babies that will be seen in all Super Bowl commercials combined.

  • Over 2 Commercials: -200
  • Under 2 Commercials: +150

5) What Word Will Be Said First During Any Commercial?

Other prop bets during commercials are more topical. This year, Vegas is using some specific modern subjects for wagers. Those that are into cryptocurrencies will recognize a couple of the key terms available to bet on: Bitcoin and Ethereum. “Metaverse” and “NFT” round out the list of keywords to wager on. Which one will be said during any commercial first?

  • Metaverse: -250
  • Bitcoin: +300
  • NFT: +400
  • Ethereum: +600

6) First Actor To Appear In Rakuten’s ‘Casino Royale’ Commercial

This is a complete crapshoot, which is appropriate for Rakuten’s much-hyped “Casino Royale” commercial. The e-commerce company has a star-studded cast and is using the 007 James Bond movie as inspiration. So who will appear first out of all the famous actors? You can even wager on Bond actor Daniel Craig himself. Take your best guess and place your prop bet accordingly.

  • Tom Hardy: +500
  • Matthew McConaughey: +550
  • Idris Elba: +600
  • Daniel Craig: +700
  • Shannon Elizabeth: +750
  • Michael B. Jordan: +800

Prop Bets For the Halftime Show

7) First Headlining Artist To Appear During the Halftime Performance

The Super Bowl won’t rely on just one musician like last year’s halftime show featuring The Weeknd. Instead, SoFi Stadium has curated a lineup of five huge artists that will include rappers Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Eminem, and Kendrick Lamar alongside R&B star Mary J. Blige. With that many superstars sharing the stage, who will come out first?

  • Two Or More Artists At Once: +175
  • Snoop Dogg: +275
  • Dr. Dre: +325
  • Eminem: +375
  • Kendrick Lamar: +500
  • Mary J. Blige: +500

8) What Will Eminem Be Wearing On His Head When First Seen?

In another amusing prop bet, you can place your wager on what Eminem will be wearing on his head during the halftime show, if anything at all. The Detroit lyricist is well-known for his varying preference of headwear. What will he have on this Sunday?

  • Hat: +160
  • Nothing: +160
  • Hood: +250
  • Bandana/Do-Rag: +325

9) Will Snoop Dogg Smoke During the Performance?

We’re talking about Snoop D.O. Double G here. So it goes without saying that the man will be smoking at some point during the evening. Whether that’s right before, during, right after the halftime show or throughout the whole event is the only question. Considering it’s in California where cannabis is legal for recreational use, this prop bet might get an overwhelming amount of wagers that favor a hard “YES.”

  • YES: +200
  • NO: – 250

Post-Game Super Bowl Prop Bet

10) Color of the Gatorade Poured On the Winning Coach

Just because the Super Bowl is over, that doesn’t mean you can’t squeeze in one more solid prop bet. It’s practically a tradition for football players to drench their head coach with a Gatorade bath after winning the Big Game. Over the years, Gatorade has added additional colors of the sports drink to the mix. What color do you think will get dumped on either Rams coach Sean McVay or Bengals coach Zac Taylor on Sunday?

  • Orange: +210
  • Lime/Green/Yellow: +350
  • Clear/Water: +350
  • Blue: +400
  • Red: +500
  • Purple: +500