Super Bowl LVI: Antonio Brown Spotted on Stadium Video Board Next To Kanye West

by Amanda Glover

Sports fans recently spotted football wide receiver, Antonio Brown on the big screen in the stadium at the Super Bowl next to none other than rapper Kanye West. That wouldn’t be too crazy if the rapper didn’t have his entire face covered. Every move made in this video is a meme.

In a recent Twitter post made by Complex Sports, viewers see the two celebrities enjoying the show next to each other. At least, we hope West is enjoying it; can’t really tell with the mask. The caption read, “Antonio Brown and Kanye at the game.”

Antonio Brown flashed a smile after realizing he’s on-screen. Meanwhile, Wests’ oldest daughter, North managed to steal the show by the end of the video. When the 8-year-old realizes she made it to the big screen, her eyes widened.

Followers loved every moment of the video and were quick to share their favorite moments in the comments. One fan wrote, “Lmao when North West realizes she’s on the big screen.” The fan referred to North’s face after realizing the big screen caught her. Hopefully, the group is enjoying the event!

Antonio Brown Announced He’s President of Kanye West’s Donda Sports With $2 Million Super Bowl Suite

Last week, Antonio Brown announced that he planned to act as president of Kanye West’s Donda Sports initiative.

The football player announced on his Instagram showing an invoice for $2.2 million. The money secured his and his family’s seats for the Super Bowl on Sunday. The money totaled $2 million for the owner’s suite and $195,000 for six VIP passes.

“WE THE OWNERS NOW! Donda is about ownership, empowerment, and discovering the next superheroes. This is for the people who counted us out, for everyone who said we can’t—we say WE WILL,” Brown’s caption read. “As President, it was important to me to book the Donda Suite for this year’s SUPERBOWL LVI. This is a game meant to be watched together. This is the love and unity we need to push. THIS IS FOR THE KIDS, OUR NEXT GENERATION!!!”

According to Antonio Brown, the Donda Sports Initiative planned to host family-friendly events over the weekend.

A press release had announced Brown’s role earlier this month. He stated that one of his goals was to bring an athlete’s perspective to the organization.

In a January interview with Complex, Antonio Brown voiced his excitement for the project. He revealed the lack of comfortable yet fashionable wear for athletes led to his partnership with Kanye West.

Some more good news for the football star, many NFL teams recently contacted him hinting he’ll possibly be playing in the NFL again. Since he left the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, we’re sure Antonio Brown would love to be on the field again!