Super Bowl LVI: Here’s How Much a 30-Second Ad Costs in 2022

by Matthew Memrick

Television ads for this year’s Super Bowl LVI are so high that 30-second spots sold for a record average of $7 million each. 

Ads for the premiere event should go that high anyway. The football game and its commercial breaks usually draw huge audiences.

While last year’s Bucs-Chiefs battle had some of the worst Super Bowl ratings since 2007, CNBC said the game still cleared 96.4 million viewers. Last year’s game was also a 10-year low.

However, the Nielsen Ratings Service said this year’s overall season viewership was up 10 percent from last year.

Axios reports that NBC and its other media properties like Telemundo have sold out every in-game ad space. They’ve maxed out their digital ad space as well. But if you still have something you want to hawk and you’ve got a cool $7 million in your back pocket, the company says they can get you in during the pre-game. 

Want to see the Super Bowl LVI ads? Check them out here.

Ads Consistently High For Super Bowls

When companies go big for the top pro football game of the season, they go big.

Last year’s TV advertisement sales topped $449 million. According to Statista, one 30-second spot for Super Bowl LV topped out at $5.5 to $5.6 million.

NBC said there was a jump with new advertisers for this year’s game. This year, new ads make up 40 percent of the total Super Bowl ads. Also, the network said there were 30 new advertisers this year. Look for DoorDash, Fivver and

The website also noted that there were 70 commercials during last year’s Big Game for a total of 46 minutes. 

Advertisers know that viewers ordinarily skip or ignore commercials during the rest of the year. Many pull out all the stops for their brands and products for this particular day.

What Are The Top Super Bowl Ads This Year?

Entertainment Tonight and other news websites got a sneak peek at this year’s Super Bowl LVI ads.

Stars like Gwyneth Paltrow, Demi Moore, Mila Kunis, and Kevin Hart will appear. A few ads will feature Idris Elba, Charlie Puth, Guy Fieri, Seth Rogen, and Paul Rudd. 

Talk about the AT&T one with actresses Moore and Kunis is already heating up. The ad highlights the women and their link to Kutcher. Moore famously married Ashton Kutcher before Kutcher divorced her. He went on to marry Kunis and had two children with her.

Other ads include the Chevy Silverado, Lay’s Chips, BMW, and Hyundai.

Telemundo Broadcasting Super Bowl LVI

NBC’s Telemundo will air the game for the first time in Spanish, making it the first-ever Spanish-language broadcast network to air the Super Bowl. 

Advertisers will have their Super Bowl LVI ads run on NBC, Telemundo, and Peacock. Maybe that means Telemundo ads will air in Spanish, too.