Super Bowl LVI: Mickey Guyton Calls National Anthem Performance a ‘Dream’

by Amanda Glover

Singer Mickey Guyton just got to participate in the sporting event of a lifetime, only she didn’t have to wear a helmet or shoulder pads.

Earlier today, the 38-year-old Country and R&B artist soulfully performed the national anthem at the Super Bowl LVI in Inglewood, California. She was proud to post the extraordinary event on Twitter. Her caption read: “What a dream. Thankful.”

Well, this sounds like a dream you might not want to wake up from. Mickey Guyton made family, friends, and fans proud as she performed for millions in a beautiful cobalt dress. Her diverse group of background performers also helped the performance with their powerful voices and stunning snow-white outfits.

When Mickey Guyton first learned the news of her upcoming performance, she was quick to share the news on social media. The caption read, “Look at God. I am shook, I am grateful, I am praise dancing…
So excited to be singing the national anthem on on February 13th!”

Not only is Mickey Guyton making a name for herself in the world of R&B, but she is also getting recognized more as a country artist. Last September, the singer released her debut album, “Remember Her Name.” The star is even up for three Grammys. These awards include Best Country Album, Best Country Solo Performance (“Remember Her Name”), and Best Country Song (“Remember Her Name”) at the Grammys on April 3.

Super Bowl LVI: NFL Fans React To Mickey Guyton’s National Anthem Performance

The announcer for the Super Bowl LVI did not lie when he said singer Mickey Guyton has “the voice of an angel.” With the assistance of her background singers, I think we can all agree this was a performance to remember.

Guyton took stole the stage before the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams began their game in SoFi Stadium. The athletes and fans got the honor of hearing her magnificent voice erupt through the stadium.

“Musicians killed it! Get it, Mickey Guyton. And that choir!!! The flyover with the mix of planes was cool too. Setting up to be a great day,” one fan wrote.

When Guyton found out she’d be singing the national anthem at the Super Bowl, she knew this was her chance to truly be recognized by the African-American community. She told The New York Post what the upcoming event meant to her.

“It’s Black History Month,” Guyton said. “And a Black Country singer gets to sing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl. Wow. This is a huge moment for me. It’s a huge moment for black people. And I want to represent that in the best possible way that I can.”

If you missed Mickey Guyton’s amazing performance, we’ve got you covered. Click here to watch Mickey Guyton perform the national anthem.