Super Bowl LVI: The Ridiculous Price of Parking Spots at SoFi Stadium

by Quentin Blount

Do you have plans to go to the Super Bowl next Sunday? If you do, you better be prepared to pay an arm and a leg for a parking spot.

As you can imagine, football games every Sunday during the season can be a nightmare for the people who live near a Stadium. Now imagine all of that hassle amplified by about tenfold thanks to it being the Super Bowl. There’s no doubt that it will be a hectic time. But there is one perk involved for those who live nearby — they can offer up some of their property for Super Bowl parking spots. And they can make a pretty penny in doing so.

Hugo Vincent is a man who lives a mile from SoFi Stadium — that’s where this year’s Super Bowl between the Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals is taking place. He had moved to Inglewood about nine years back, but never in his wildest dreams did he envision an NFL stadium going up next door to him. Sundays, which are usually spent relaxing and recovering from the workweek, have become much more stressful as a result.

Vincent told the Los Angeles Times that he’s already sold a parking spot in his driveway for $200 and as part of that deal, he will also drive the person to the stadium on game day.

“This place is a prison on Sundays,” Vincent told the outlet. “I can’t leave my own neighborhood because the traffic is so bad. Why shouldn’t I be able to make some money for the inconvenience?”

Other Residents Selling Super Bowl Parking Spots

Meanwhile, Hugo Vincent is just one of many Inglewood residents who have begun listing their private parking spots on sites like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. Those sites have been gaining more traction than a typical ticket exchange platform. Why? Well, the communication is more direct and all of the proceeds go to the seller.

As for Connell Black, he currently lives in a gated community called Renaissance that’s just northeast of SoFi Stadium. He’s been seeing his neighbors selling parking in their driveways all season long. But he just now decided to get in on the Super Bowl parking action. He has decided to list two parking spots for $275 each.

“It doesn’t hurt to pick up some extra change, but it’s also a decent alternative for people,” Black said. “I saw some were charging twice that, so I listed mine at a fair market rate.”

If you do plan to use a ticket service such as StubHub, be prepared to pay a little more. As it currently stands, the cheapest Super Bowl parking ticket on their platform was being listed at $391. For parking right outside the stadium, prices were ranging anywhere from $3,500 to $5,000.