Super Bowl LVI: Trisha Yearwood Shouts Out Mickey Guyton After Her National Anthem Performance

by Caitlin Berard

As a musician, one of the highest honors you can receive is to be chosen to sing the national anthem at the Super Bowl. In the early years of the sporting event, marching bands simply performed the national anthem. In the past 40 years, however, the honor has been bestowed on some of the world’s most popular singers and groups. This year’s moving performance came from celebrated country music star, Mickey Guyton.

Though “national anthem performer” is an impressive addition to her resume, it’s nowhere near Guyton’s only accolade. In addition to her memorable Super Bowl performance, Mickey Guyton is also the first black artist to be nominated for a Grammy for Best Country Album of the Year.

With her relatable lyrics and powerful voice, Guyton has captured the hearts of listeners everywhere, including her fellow country stars. After Guyton’s stirring Super Bowl performance, award-winning country artist, Trisha Yearwood, took to Twitter to show her support. Sharing Guyton’s original tweet reading, “What a dream. Thankful,” Trisha responded, “Beautiful job Mickey Guyton and team!”

More Stars Show Mickey Guyton Love for Super Bowl Performance

There’s no denying that Mickey Guyton caught viewers’ attention with her rendition of the national anthem. One fan wrote, “That was one of the best national anthems I’ve heard in awhile.” Another shared, “Extremely here for the Mickey Guyton National Anthem.”

Now, it’s impressive to garner that much respect from the average viewer. But when you get two thumbs up from the queen of country, Dolly Parton, herself? You know you did something right.

In a recent interview with Billboard, Parton discussed her pride in seeing Guyton chosen as the national anthem performer. Parton says, “I’m always tickled to death when country music is given the respect that I really think it deserves. And country music is so hot right now. We have so many great new artists – and to get to sing on the biggest show of the year, and for it to be one of our own, I feel like a proud parent.”

Reading that, you might be thinking – wait, has Dolly ever performed at the Super Bowl? And while the answer is no, it’s not because the NFL hasn’t tried. When asked about a potential Super Bowl performance from Dolly Parton, she said, “I’d be scared to death to sing that. That is such a hard song to sing. And people are so critical if you really mess up bad. I’ve just always been afraid of it. You always want it to be great. Especially something that serious. Maybe someday I’ll get the nerve to do it.”

We can only hope that Dolly one day realizes that she has nothing to worry about! Who wouldn’t love a Super Bowl performance from Dolly Parton?