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‘Survivor 41’: Eliminated Contestant Claims They Were Blackballed by Tribe

by Jonathan Howard
Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment 2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

This week, another contestant fell victim to the tribe on Survivor 41. The show can be merciless and for Tiffany Seely, that’s exactly what happened Wednesday. She has a lot to say about what went down and why she was the one who was voted off.

In a discussion with TVLine, Seely was open about her feelings. She did not hold back whatsoever. To her, the vote was a sign of bigger powers at work. It wasn’t simply that she was the one they wanted to take down. For Seely, it came down to being shut out of discussions. Put simply, she thinks the rest of the players failed to play the game.

She was asked why none of the players holding idols were targeted, and why there was such hesitation.

“Isn’t that a great question? When you find the answer to that, let me know! Is that not the stupidest s–t ever? I was like, ‘Are you f-king kidding me?’ Take me out, but take me out with dignity, and flush somebody’s freakin’ idol. It was terrible.”

Looking back, the Survivor 41 contestant has specific ideas about what could have happened in this situation.

“Furthermore, Xander should’ve used his idol on me! We would’ve turned that game upside down,” Seely said. “He didn’t vote for me, so use your idol on me, and then we’ll have the numbers. He had an extra vote, me, Evie, probably Heather and Erica if we need. It was just not smart. None of them knew what the hell was going on. To go out like that is sucky. I could’ve thought of a zillion other ways to do this, but nobody would talk to us that last day. Evvie and I were blackballed. It was a horror show.”

‘Suvivor 41’ Drama Heats up With Alliances

Since the merger happened Survivor 41 has gotten very interesting. There are alliances and deals, and so many powers still at play. Idols are one thing, but other advantages are out there in the game. Right now, the “Cookout” alliance has handled itself very well. However, there is only so much an alliance can do.

However, this week proved that there can be idols and powers in play but if no one uses them, it doesn’t matter. Tiffany Seely was upset about that very fact. If there is no one in the game willing to save you, or if they feel it is advantageous to hold until later in the game, you’re out of luck. Each week there are new challenges, conflict, and more deals made between contestants.

We have seen Erika turn back the sands of time and rescue herself from Exile with the help of an hourglass. That set up the stage for where we are now, a week later. Not to mention the fake idol that Xander fooled Liana with. This week was more straightforward with fewer surprises, but that isn’t going to last as Survivor 41 continues.