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‘Survivor 41’: Evvie Jagoda Reveals Why She Trusted Danny and Deshawn

by Samantha Whidden

Following the double-elimination episode of Survivor 41 on Wednesday (November 17th), one of the eliminators Evvie Jagoda revealed why she decided to trust  Danny and Deshawn while on the show. 

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the Survivor 41 contestant revealed why decided to trust Danny Deshawn to kick out Liana instead of her. “Well, first of all, the reality is I was much more like 50-50. But you never want the people working with you to think you’re nervous about the plan.”

The Survivor 41 star also admitted that she bumped it up to 75 especially with Deshawn. “That relationship had been building and had such an interesting arc over the whole show,” she explained. The contestant recalled going through her and Deshawn’s journey together early in the game.  “And we really, really bonded. When we got to the merge, we really did want to work together.”

She then recalled her fellow Survivor 41 contestant approaching her right before the Tribal Council.

“He pulled me aside and wasn’t like, ‘Listen to me. After this vote, I really really want to work with you. Let’s do some damage together.’ And then we continued those conversations the next day. So I really felt like I did have a good relationship with Deshawn.”

Evvie had a different view of Danny however. “So I think we were just playing antithetical games. So it makes sense that he didn’t go with me,” the Survivor 41 contestant recalled. She also mentioned Xander felt like he had a good relationship with Danny.

“Xander always thought that relationship was a bit more two-way than it was.”

Evvie Jagoda Reveals Why She Wanted to Ride With An All-Women’s Alliance at the Start of ‘Survivor 41’ 

While also chatting with Entertainment Weekly about why she wanted an all-women alliance at the start of Survivor 41, Evvie Jagoda revealed, “One of the first conversations I had at the merge was with Shan. Me and Shan were very much on the same page. Let’s do a women’s thing. Let’s get a Luvu out.”

However, Jagoda stated that the merge was crazy because women and men were forming the Black alliance. “You’ve got Luvu versus Case. There were so Amy things going on. And it was so fluid and jumbled up.”

When the hourglass twist came into play, that’s when a really stark division happened.

“Which was kind of unfortunate, but actually on the day I got voted out, they showed Deshawn coming to me. But also Liana and Shan had a conversation with me.”

Liana and Shan then told Evvie that they wanted to do the “women’s thing” again. They didn’t want to go to the end with Deshawn and Danny. “And I was like, ‘Hell yeah!’ So it was definitely always floating around.”