‘Survivor’ 41: How Did the Do or Die Twist Factor In?

by Jonathan Howard
Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment 2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Without Shan Smith on Survivor 41, the game has completely changed. The Do or Die twist was an added curveball this week.

This new twist was very interesting. Jeff Probst brought out three boxes. Following the immunity challenge, the first contestant to drop out of the challenge is faced with a 1 in 3 chance of surviving the Tribal Council.

Deshawn was the player that got the honor of testing this out for the first time. Two boxes had skulls on them. One had a flame. The flame symbolized survival and life. The skulls, well, that’s the “Die” in Do or Die. The contestant had to choose one box of the three.

Once the box is selected, they check inside for the symbol to see if they are going to make it to the next week. If they choose wrong, they say goodbye and move on. Despite the pressure, Survivor 41 contestant Deshawn did not let it waiver him. It came down to making a guess, basically playing the shell game, but with his eligibility on the show.

By the time Deshawn chose his box, things had already been emotional. So luckily he chose correctly and was saved. No skull in the box for him. The twist added another piece of depth to the Tribal Council. However, are fans tired of the twists and surprises? Well, that’s up for debate.

Fans Not Sure They Like All the Twists in the Show

Right now, Survivor 41 fans are trying to decide if they actually like all the surprises and one-off challenges and events. Deshawn was saved this time. However, he could have easily been sent home. Not to mention, it can get in the way of strategies and game plans.

Adapting and evolving are the ways to win Survivor. So, twists and turns should be expected. There was the hourglass that saved a contestant earlier this season. Now, the Do or Die challenge has come and gone. Will fans be okay with the challenge in future seasons? Or is this something we just see in season 41?

Right now, it is hard to tell what the future of this new part of the game will be. Not everything always sticks. The producers will know what to do with the new aspect of the game. Some fans think that these gimmicks won’t be able to replace the natural excitement of a betrayal or a move gone wrong, or right.

‘Survivor 41’ Keeps Deshawn Says Bye to Liana

Despite being put on the spot with the Do or Die challenge, Deshawn survived. He kept his spot on the show. However, the vote did not treat another competitor kindly. There has been a shift in power since Shan was voted off of Survivor 41. Now, it is anyone’s game and there is no strong frontrunner.

By the time the votes were tallied, it was down to Ricard and Liana. By a margin of 5-3, Liana was sent home.