‘Survivor 41’ Star Liana Wallace Explains Logic Behind Her Biggest Decision on Show

by Samantha Whidden

Following her exit from Survivor 41, Liana Wallace opened up about the logic behind her biggest decisions while on the hit game show’s latest season. 

While chatting with Entertainment Weekly, the Survivor 41 contestant spoke about her strategy on the show. “Something really important to me coming into the game was that I played with authenticity. And something I really valued was me and Shan’s relationship.”

The Survivor 41 star then discussed her relationship with Shan by recalling the moment they had at the summit. “That day I was weighing a lot of things. And I wasn’t sure if I should blindside Shan or keep her as my ally. And anytime you’re giving truths to another player, you’re taking risks, right?”

Although knowing that kind of vulnerability, the Survivor 41 contestant stated she valued the connection with Shan. “So I went ahead and told you. You know that ended up backfiring. Everyone has a best friend. And she told her best friend. And you know, it got back to me.”

The Survivor 41 star goes on to say she believes contestants going into the game thinking they are not going to anyone anything. But once insider the game, everything changes. “I really wanted to build this sense of trust with [Shan]. And I did trust her and thought that was a way to do it. That’s the way I played the game. And I wanted to have that authenticity. That’s something that, again, I gambled with.”

Liana Wallace Opens Up About Fellow ‘Survivor 41’ Contestant Xander Hastings

While continuing her chat with Entertainment Weekly, Liana Wallace opened up about Survivor 41 contestant Xander Hastings and his reaction to her fate on the show. “Xander is an amazing person,” Wallace declared. “Super genuine, super kind, a complete sweetheart. And so to see how that was misconstrued in the game was kind of hard to see.”

The Survivor 41 alum then stated there were three things that contributed to her and Xander’s relationship. “First, you see in the scene when he first finds the idol. I go left, he goes right. He finds the idol, fine. You know that’s the game. The second piece is that when he did find the idol, he managed to tell everyone in the tribe. But was really, really adamant for whatever reason about not letting me find out about it.”

Wallace also noted that during their time on Survivor 41, she knew Hastings didn’t want to work with her. She considered that strategy as that he saw her more as a threat and her intention was to get him out of the game at some point. She also opened up about her relationship with Evvie. 

“it’s just time after time I couldn’t find a way to convince people that Xander was dangerous and needed to be voted out,” the Survivor 41 star went on to add.