‘Survivor 41’: Liana Wallace Reveals the Things She Wish Show Didn’t Cut

by Jonathan Howard
Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment 2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Another week of Survivor 41 gave us an emotional tribal council. It also sent Liana Wallace home, a week after Shan Smith was voted off.

Since Liana is no longer competing and is a jury member now, she has had time to talk about her time on the show. In a conversation with Entertainment Weekly, she went into depth on a number of topics. The questions ranged from general asks about the show to specific questions about other competitors on the island.

One of the most common questions asked of former contestants on the show, what do you wish fans got to see that never made it to TV? For Liana, it was clear. Her relationship with Evvie was so important to her success on Survivor 41.

“Just Yase camp life,” Wallace replied to the question. “We were just so fun. I wish they showed me and Evvie’s first interaction. When I first met Evvie, we looked at each other and were like, ‘I think you’re someone I want to work with. If you don’t write my name down, I’m not going to write your name down.’ And we were like, boom, solid. [Also] we all built that shelter together and were so proud we had created it. We felt so good about that.”

The ‘Trade-Off’ of Advantages on the Show

This season there were so many advantages and hidden tricks up the producers’ sleeves. There was the hourglass that save one contestant from isolation. Then, in the latest this week we saw the Do or Die challenge at Tribal Council.

Liana talked about the trade-offs of the season and why she wishes the fans were able to see more camp life.

“So I feel like people would have loved the dynamic of our camp life, and that’s the trade-off of having more advantages in the game and getting to see less camp life. I think viewers would have really, really loved to see that.”

As for her elimination this week, the contestant had an idea she was in trouble after the week before. The Survivor 41 “Cookout” alliance looks to have fallen apart.

‘Survivor 41’: Liana Knew She was In Trouble After Shan Left

It really looked like Shan Smith was going to run the tables on Survivor 41. She had built an alliance, held onto some advantages throughout, and played her game the way she felt comfortable. When Shan was voted off last week, Liana knew that her days might be numbered on the show.

“So my entire game changes,” she said. “And I have to figure out who I’m going to pull in and what numbers I have, right?… I knew Erika and Heather would be that swing vote, and so my goal was just, ‘I’ve got to throw Ricard under the bus. Ricard is a bigger threat than me. I’m not a threat in immunity challenges.”

Despite that new strategy, she just didn’t have the time or the numbers to keep herself in the game. Now, Liana is off of Survivor 41.