‘Survivor’ 41: Xander Hastings Has a Weakness that Could Cost Him Everything

by Chase Thomas

Xander Hastings of Survivor 41 is the talk of the town. The star of the hit CBS show has a path to winning it all following the moves that were made. However, could he have a weakness that could cost him? Could he be too “noble” for his own good?

This is something that folks are talking about following the merge. Xander is just 21-years-old, but it should be noted that he was only twenty when the show first began. He is incredibly young and perhaps that’s where folks had to pause when thinking about his chances.

Is that a fair thing to wonder about Xander Hastings to this point? That, sure, he could win, but the youth and inexperience and questions surrounding him and his chances of taking control are the subject of much discussion. Will he become more cerebral down the stretch like most other plyers or will he continue to put himself out there and stay true to how he has played the game to this point? Only time will tell.

Survivor Cast Member Sydney Segal Comments on Twist

Survivor fans have spent a lot of time wondering about the future Xander on the program, but there are just as many wondering about what happened with Sydney Segal down the stretch here. After the hourglass was smashed, Segal’s world on Survivor forever changed. Folks have a lot of thoughts on Segal, as she was the first player to use the chance called the Shot in the Dark. By using that move, she sacrificed her own vote in a way to give her a better shot of not getting voted off. However, that was not the case and Segal is no longer in the game.

To say Segal is still upset about her ouster would be an understatement. And to her credit, it makes sense why she is not over what happened on Survivor. She thought she had won immunity heading into a critical merge and it was taken away in a rather controversial fashion.

She told Entertainment Weekly, “I mean, it’s not even a twist — it’s a lie. We’re told one thing and then something else happens. And I think it achieved exactly what it intended to achieve. That challenge was meant for strong players to win. And then that hourglass twist was intended to get a strong player out of the game. And as I said a million times before, I’m the threat of threats, so that hourglass did me dirty. But congratulations, CBS, for achieving exactly what you wanted to achieve. And that was to get a very strong player out and keep a lamb in.”

But, what happened happened and it’s Xander’s game to win now with Segal now home.