‘Survivor 42’ Contestant Daniel Strunk Hopes Past Political Experience Will Help in Show

by Jacklyn Krol

A Survivor 42 contestant is taking a different approach to the game, by not shying away from politics.

While the beloved CBS competition series is all about people, contestant Daniel Strunk is planning to be open about his past. He’s a politician.

“The only real thing I’m hiding that I’ll do everything I can to hide is that I am of a classical liberal persuasion,” he told Entertainment Weekly per Cinemablend. “And have historically worked for Republican political campaigns – at least, I worked for the Romney and Jeb Bush campaign. It’s a very different world now. But I wouldn’t want that to be known and I’ll steer away from politics as best I can.”

Strunk is 30 years old and hails from Cincinnati, Ohio but is currently living in New Haven, Connecticut. He is currently a law clerk. According to his CBS profile, he is a movie buff, fan of legos, and Survivor 42. He described himself as “ebullient and driven.”

When asked what the accomplishment that he is most proud of is, he had a heartwarming response.

“I wrote in my journal a personal philosophy on what I think the purpose of life is,” he revealed. “Influenced by my battle with cancer, my religion, and my ideological beliefs.”

When questioned what his pet peeve is, he has many. Some of which will most likely come into play during the games. People who are convinced that they are correct but won’t be up for debate is one of them.

‘Survivor 42’ 101

If there’s one thing we know about Survivor 42 is that contestants that are fans of the series will do well.

Strunk has a plan of attack when it comes to how he will play it out in the game.

“In order for me to win, I will need to lower my threat level from the get-go. The most natural way is to embrace my inner goofy, like Fabio. And then, obviously the winners I would model my game after are Yul and Todd,” he said.

All contestants have to somewhat believe that they will become the sole Survivor 42 contestant. Strunk isn’t too confident in himself because of the odds stacked against him.

“I truthfully think the odds are against me,” he shared. “It is all going to be a matter of threat management. I’m going to leave it all on the table. I will play my heart out because it will probably be the one shot I get – I’ve been waiting years, and I want no regrets. I can’t promise you I will win, but I can promise you I will have fun and make the most of this opportunity. Cancer survivors don’t go anything less than full throttle.”