‘Survivor 42’ Contestants Reveal Their Favorite Players of the Show

by Anna Dunn

Survivor 42 is just weeks away, so ahead of the new season, this year’s contestants are revealing their favorite players. And of course, die-hard survivor fans can predict a lot about someone’s game based on these answers.

Entertainment Weekly interviewed members of Survivor 42‘s cast to get the scoop on who their favorite former players are.

Or course, the publication got a lot of common answers. Two cast members said Kim Spradlins. Another mentioned Pavarti Shallow. Another cast member said Boston Rob (if he wasn’t mentioned we’d be shocked).

Tony Valchos also got two mentions. Cast member Daniel Strunk told the publication “If I have 1/16th as much skill as Tony Vlachos, I could probably win this season in a perfect record, and if I have 1/128th as much skill as Tony Vlachos, I’ll probably win this season in, like, a split vote at the final Tribal Council”

Other ‘Survivor 42’ Contestants Gave Shoutouts to More Underrated Players

But others shouted out some lesser praised, more underrated players from previous seasons.

Tasha Fox got some shoutouts. Tai also got a shoutout. Taj also got some shoutouts as well. All of these players are incredibly different and approached the game with their own strategies. It’ll be interesting to see how these players inspired our current batch of contestants.

Contestant Jackson Fox told Entertainment Weekly that his favorite player is CeCe. “My favorite Survivor player was CeCe. I love CeCe because she had the right attitude. She had the best parts I believe a person can have. She had assertiveness. She had kindness. She played the game in an honorable way, which is how I would like to play my game,” he said.

Meanwhile, Romeo Escobar, a pageant coach joining this season, says that his favorite contestant was Saddy Sandra.

“She’s entertaining to watch. You always look for her on camera. Her candor. Plus, she was the first-ever Latina to win survivor so that’s a big inspiration to myself,” he said.

Omar Zaheer loved Kim Spradling’s game. “She owned that game in One World and I think she could have owned Winners at War except people were coming after her for being the biggest target.”

Zaheer also cited some advice she gave in an interview about lying on Survivor: you have to believe in your own lie.

No matter who these people’s favorites are, everyone is going to have to play their own game. And who knows, maybe this cast has a legend or two that’ll get a shoutout in interviews like this years down the line. If you’re dying for a new season of Survivor, you don’t have much longer to wait. The new season premieres on March 9th on CBS.