‘Survivor 42’: One Contestant Has a Background in Fitness

by Madison Miller

Although it feels like we just got done excitedly watching the newest season of “Survivor” after a pandemic-related hiatus, we’ve got “Survivor 42” just around the corner.

A whole new group of eager contestants will try to survive in the grueling tropical jungle, compete in difficult challenges, and stab people in the back for a chance to win all the money at the end.

After only one episode, many hardcore “Survivor” fans are able to pick out some of their top competitors. Whether it’s an immediate dominance, stellar social skills, brains, or physical might, there are many factors that make someone a possible “Survivor” champion.

Even before watching the first episode, some fans think they know who a potential front-runner will be.

Drea Wheeler will appear in the newest season, which is only a couple of weeks away. She is a 35-year-old fitness consultant that is from San Antonio but lives in Montreal. There’s something that immediately stands out about her skill set. She’s in good shape and knows a lot about fitness. That means she can be a serious asset to one of the teams when it comes to challenges and setting up camp.

Key Assets of Drea Wheeler

On the CBS press site, Wheeler has an official pre-show interview. The future “Survivor” contestant talks about how she grew up in athletics, which is where her passion for fitness started. She later got more interest in the business side of things. Her job proves that she is motivated and knows how to deal with people, which are two key assets in the game.

If you put all her skills together, others are going to quickly realize she is an incredible asset to any team. She also revealed that she is somewhat of a superfan. She revealed that her dreams are occupied by the sweet, sweet theme song that plays when a contestant spots an immunity idol.

While having strength is obviously a good thing, there are also negative aspects as well. This will put an immediate target on her back. That means she’ll have to be smart about her alliances if she wants to make it past the merge or even farther in the game.

‘Survivor’ Contestants Share Embarrassing Moments

When it comes to “Survivor,” very little is left to the imagination. These contestants expose their dirty, exhausted, sun-damaged skin to all of America as they compete on the island.

Entertainment Weekly decided to ask the contestants what their most embarrassing moments in life were up until joining the show.

All of them had entertaining stories, from farting to peeing on themselves, but Canadian veterinarian Omar Zaheer may just take the cake for the best story. He said while in vet school he had to “rectally palpate cows,” which means his arm had to go up their butt to see if they were pregnant. Quickly, disaster struck.

“I couldn’t go in! And I was like ‘What’s going on?’ And the technician beside me was like ‘Keep going, otherwise she’ll learn that if you stop that she can get away with it.’ And then I was like, ‘Oh my god, I’m in the wrong hole!’ In front of my whole class,” he said.