‘Survivor 42’: One Contestant May Be an Underdog You Want to Root For

by Jonathan Howard

Ahead of Survivor 42, there are a number of contestants fans will end up rooting for. Daniel Strunk is an underdog option for sure.

It isn’t that Daniel is weak or going to be a bad player. It’s just that he won’t be the most physical player in the game. So, early on, he could run into trouble if he doesn’t pull his weight in the tribe challenges. Now, if he does make it to the merger, then he can really go to work.

One of the reasons why he is going to be a solid player is the fact that he is a huge fan of the show. He has studied it. And, Daniel has studied elsewhere. Like Yale Law School. Not too bad, eh? Now, longtime fans are going to immediately think that Daniel is a John Cochran clone. He isn’t.

Strunk is a little older and will have some different experiences that should make him a savvy manipulator. The Survivor 42 contestant is concerned that he isn’t going to be able to shake his past though. And that past is part of his strength. Daniel used to work in politics. That means he should be good at making some friends and allies. Perhaps he talks it up with a stronger player and they stick it out to the merger?

Daniel is going to have his hands full this season. There are going to be a lot of talented players. But, there are also twists and turns along the way. Survivor 42 might be even wilder than last season. If that is the case then these contestants need to be prepared. Daniel just wants to keep his past a secret as long as possible.

‘Survivor 42’ Contestant Worked on Campaigns

CBS is returning with an all-new season. Survivor 42 is going to give us a spring season of action and drama. Daniel hopes to hold onto his dirty little secret. But, is he going to be able to? Things have a way of coming up on the show, so I don’t know how he is going to hold off on this one.

“The only real thing I’m hiding that I’ll do everything I can to hide is that I am of a classical liberal persuasion,” he said to Entertainment Weekly. “And have historically worked for Republican political campaigns – at least, I worked for the Romney and Jeb Bush campaign. It’s a very different world now. But I wouldn’t want that to be known and I’ll steer away from politics as best I can.”

Yeah, something tells me that this contestant isn’t going to be able to avoid politics in Survivor 42. What happens when folks figure it out? Will he be voted out or will it be a shrug and move on?