‘Survivor 42’: One Frontline Worker Wants to Win It All

by Madison Miller

As we gear up for the March 9 premiere date of “Survivor,” we’ve already gotten to know a lot of the future contestants.

We get to see them speak in interviews, all clean and happy, before getting exposed to the brutal elements that make up competing on the show. If you like to try to pick out the winner before the show even airs, perhaps turn your attention to Jackson Fox.

He seems rather confident that he will be the star of his season. Given his personality, we definitely think he’s going to be an entertaining person to watch on “Survivor.”

Get to Know ‘Survivor’ Contestant Jackson Fox

Jackson Fox is a 48-year-old healthcare worker from Pasadena, Texas. During his pre-show interview, we get to learn a lot about what drives Fox as he prepares for the show.

“‘Survivor’ makes you feel like anything is possible. I think you go in as one person, but you leave a completely different person. I think it makes you a better person,” Fox said. This is certainly an interesting perspective. Some people may think all the lying, backstabbing, and fakeness would make people embrace some of their less desirable personality traits.

For Fox, he’s going into it with an open mind and some experiences he thinks will assist him. He shared during the interview that he quickly had to learn how to make it on his own after coming out as a transgender male earlier in life.

“I think if you can go through the process of pretty much revitalizing your entire life and baring it all I think you can go on ‘Survivor’ and bare it all as well … I’m going to win people over, slowly but surely. I get along with a tree stump so I think the Southern charm will win over,” Fox also said.

Jackson Fox is also gearing up to be included in a big blindside while he’s on the show. It’s certainly always a highlight and hopefully, it’s not him that gets epically blindsided. Perhaps what stands out the most is Jackson’s determination to go in as a compassionate contestant.

‘Survivor’ Cast Makes Bold Predictions

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the entire cast of the upcoming season made some predictions as to what will occur starting on March 9.

Seeing as “Survivor” is known for its twists there is no real way to truly guess everything that will happen.

When it comes to predictions, Jackson Fox had a somewhat sad guess as to what will go down.

“I believe someone is going to seriously hurt themselves this season. I don’t know why I think it I just think everything is going to go fast this season and someone is eventually going to get hurt,” Fox said.

Meanwhile, a fellow contestant named Tori Meehan has a very optimistic prediction going into this season. “We’re about to have the first woman to ever win five individual immunity challenges in one season. It’s going to happen. Men have done it. Therefore, it is going to happen someday,” she said.

Obviously, she’s optimistic that it will be her that breaks this record.