‘Survivor 42’: What Changes Can We Expect From the New Season?

by Taylor Cunningham

It’s only been three months since the last season ended, but fans are already ready for Survivor 42. And luckily, they don’t have long to wait.

The first episode airs on March, 9th—just over two weeks away. And CBS is already gearing up for the games.

Earlier this month, the network announced the upcoming cast, released a few promos, and gave some details about this season’s gameplay. And apparently, it won’t be much different than Survivor 41.

Of course, that news isn’t very surprising. 41 and 42 were filmed back to back last year, so there wasn’t much time to think up new twists. And if there were any aspects to the new rules that fans disapproved of, the producers wouldn’t have known yet.

So far, the promos have been similar to last season. The first teaser debuted right after last fall’s finale, and it amped up the drama for the impeding show by saying it will be “the most dangerous version of Survivor ever seen.”

Ahead of last season, creator Jeff Probst said something very similar when told Parade that Survivor 41 would be “a faster, more dangerous and much more intense game.”

Probst also noted that 42 will include “risky Beware Advantages, crazy twists, no food, and a relentless pace that will push [contestants] to their limits.” Yeah, that sounds a lot like 41.

So, we’re assuming that since the seasons played out so closely, they’re probably the same games with different players. But there’s nothing wrong with that!

However, Survivor 42 does have us scratching our heads about one thing—”the monster.”

‘The Monster is Back’ for ‘Survivor 42’

One of the biggest teasers that Survivor 42 has been throwing around this month is “the monster.”

Apparently, this creature is returning from another season, and it’s looking for food. Sounds scary, right? But there is one problem with this news. No one, us included, can think of a previous monster.

“The monster is back,” host Jeff Probst says in a promo voiceover. “It’s hungry, and it’s coming for you.”

That is all Probst said on the matter. And during the 30-second clip, there are no images that help us figure out what he means.

In a Reddit post, some fans guessed that this monster isn’t some living, breathing beast. Instead, they think it may be a compilation of all the changes that the show made ahead of last season

“The monster was the advantages we made along the way,” user redesignyoself wrote.

So far, that Redditor’s theory is the only one that makes an ounce of sense. Though, it would be neat to see an actual monster crawling around the island, for us, at least. The castaways would probably have very different feelings about that.