‘Survivor’ Contestant Goes to Extreme Measures in Desperate Attempt to Join Other Tribe, Avoid Elimination

by Megan Molseed

For the first time since its premiere nearly twenty years ago, the hit television series”Survivor” didn’t premiere any new episodes in the fall or the spring. The forty-first season of the hit CBS series was scheduled to premiere in September 2020. The show did not make its premiere date as the COVID-19 pandemic changed filming schedules.

While on this unprecedented hiatus, the show and its fans found some creative ways to fill the void left by the lack of episode’s so far this year.

One way to do that is to revisit past seasons and episodes of the popular series. One such moment worth revisiting is during day six of “Survivor: Gabon.” This is when “Survivor” contestant, Gillian Larson attempted to defect to another tribe in an effort to avoid elimination.

‘Survivor’ Contestant Takes A Unique Approach To The Game

According to Entertainment Weekly, Larson had a feeling that the vote was likely not going to be in her favor. The contestant had concluded that the tribe was about to eliminate her. So, she decided to do something unusual to avoid this. Her plan? Leave the tribe altogether.

“I took the [boat] out by myself to see if I could find the other tribe somewhere around the lake to be the first ‘Survivor‘ to defect to the other side,” the “Survivor” contestant explained. However, as with any reality show, Gilian’s attempt to defect did not go unnoticed. The production crew followed the contestant on her unusual journey.

“I presume if I had found the other tribe, they would have taken me back,” Gillian Larson said. “I paddled around for about two hours and gave up, as it was Tribal Council time.”

Unfortunately, Gillian’s efforts did not pan out and her hunches were correct. Larson was eliminated from the competition.

However, the 74-yar-old former “Survivor” contestant hasn’t let the experience fade away since her exit.

“I was so bummed my ‘Survivor’ was not what I had hoped for,” said Larson. So she decided to approach the bummer of a situation in a positive way.

Something Good Came From The Elimination

After her exit, Gillian Larson created Reality Rally in an effort to raise funds by producing events to help promote local public charitable organizations.

“I myself and all who make our event happen are volunteers,” said Gillian of the organization. “We do not make a dime for ourselves.”

The forty-first season of “Survivor” is scheduled to begin Wednesday, September 22, 2021.