‘Survivor’ Contestant Parvati Shallow Says Producers Play Devil’s Advocate

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Jim Spellman/WireImage)

Parvati Shallow is widely known as one of the most skilled contestants to ever grace the long-running reality “Survivor” series. She earned that title after appearing in a handful of different “Survivor” games and even went on to take home the million-dollar prize of “Survivor: Micronesia.” Fans have kept up with the reality star’s personal life which saw a rocky period earlier this fall. At one point, she filed for a restraining order against her former husband, another previous contestant of the show.

With that business hopefully in the rearview for Parvati Shallow, she turns her focus to “Survivor 41” whose finale is quickly approaching. She recently sat down with David Yontef on his podcast to dish on production secrets, strategies, and more. One interesting topic that came up involved the role of the producers. According to Shallow, they often play “Devil’s advocate” on the show.

How the Producers of ‘Survivor’ Aim to Tell the Most Interesting Story

When it comes to the production of “Survivor,” Parvati Shallow breaks down how the producers respectfully interact with each of the contestants. She says they may influence certain discussions, but the producers never put words in their mouths.

“They’ve asked me questions and I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, I didn’t even think about that. Like, wow, good question!’ They won’t feed you any information. They’re not like telling you stuff, but they’ll ask questions in [a way] that caused me to think about things that I wasn’t thinking about or seeing before myself,” Parvati revealed.

At the end of the day, Shallow says they’re “trying to get certain things to happen, but without being manipulative and without telling you what to do.” To get that result, “they ask certain questions to see what comes naturally from inside of a competitor.”

Taking on this role of Devil’s advocate helps them gather “as much information as they can depending on how the story goes.” It allows them to build a stockpile of footage to then edit down later.

You can listen to the full podcast episode here:

Parvati Shallow Shares Another Big Win

Thanksgiving came and left in the blink of an eye which also means we survived another “Black Friday.” Apparently, Parvati Shallow partook in the retail therapy this year, snagging something she’s had her eye on for a while. Need a little hint? Well, it sucks. Dust, pet hair, and crumbs, that is.

She shared an Instagram photo of herself wielding the vacuum over her head like a trophy. Fans quickly commented on the photo adding their own appreciation for the Dyson brand. Apparently, one fan named their model “Kevin.”

Check out that beauty: