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‘Survivor’ Host Jeff Probst Reveals New Gameplay Changes Still to Come in Season 41

by Samantha Whidden
SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA - FEBRUARY 12: Jeff Probst visits 'The IMDb Show' on February 12, 2020 in Santa Monica, California. This episode of 'The IMDb Show' airs on February 18, 2020. (Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for IMDb)

Days after the season 41 premiere of CBS series Survivorhost Jeff Probst is now revealing new gameplay changes that are still to come in the season’s upcoming episodes.

During a recent interview with Paramount+, the Survivor host stated, “Well, if there was an upside to having a year off because of COVID, it was that it did give us time to just take a big step back and say ‘Okay, what do we wanna do?’ And the one thing that kept popping up was fun.”

The longtime Survivor host then shared what viewers are going to see this season is a much faster game. 

“It’s 26 days. It’s very dangerous in terms of risk-reward dilemmas.”

Probst further explained that anytime there is an element of the game that falls into Survivor contestants’ hands, it’s not a gimme. The element comes with its own risks. Even if it’s something good. The host then adds that he and the Survivor crew strip the contestants of all their food and made rewards very scarce. So everything about the game is now very difficult. 

What Happened on the Season 41 Premiere of ‘Survivor’?

As previously reported, on the 41st season premiere of Survivor, things quickly escalated due to the new change of pace of the show. In the previous seasons, Survivor was 39 days. Not 26. 

Survivor contestants Eric Abraham and Sarah Wilson were officially the first two to leave the island this season. Abraham was notably voted out after he targeted Tiffany Seely. Wilson couldn’t put some puzzle pieces together fast enough in the last leg of the episode’s competition.

Following the Survivor season premiere, Probst sat down with Entertainment Weekly to discuss what fans can expect in the new season. “The long-term plan is to bring the fans inside the game a bit more each season,” Probst explained. He also said the key to that strategy is to do it very judiciously.

“So it will only be occasionally in Survivor 41, then a bit in Survivor 42. And like everything else we do, this too is an experiment. If it works and people like it. We’ll keep on with it. If it doesn’t, we’ll lose it,” Probst declared. 

The longtime Survivor host also shared his thoughts about the show being put on hold due to the worldwide health crisis.

“The year away really reminded me how much I love everything about Survivor. I love the casting process and the game design. I love shooting the show without crew.”

Probst then said he could also feel the same energy from the Survivor crew, even after being away for 18 months. “We were all so happy to be back together. To be standing together on a giant barge in the middle of the Pacific Ocean was a truly electric moment.”