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‘Survivor’ Host Jeff Probst Reveals Show Considered Filming in 2 US States Amid Battle to Get Back on Air

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

“Survivor” has been on since 2000, so when fans had to take a year away from watching people argue, backstab, and forage to survive on a beach, it was a noticeable gap on TV.

Now, season 41 is set to premiere on September 22, bringing along with it all that drama and intensity that has hooked viewers for so long. There’s nothing quite like “Survivor,” after all.

It wasn’t an easy battle, however. The last season of the show finished airing in May 2020. Then, production for seasons 41 and 42 was delayed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

‘Survivor’ In Hawaii Or Georgia

Jeff Probst, the longtime host and executive producer of the survival-based show, opened up about the grueling process in an interview with Entertainment Weekly recently. The show faced more difficulties than other productions due to the way in which it is filmed. The show requires an international crew and contestants that have traveled from all around the world.

Given the pandemic, this was a far-fetched dream. This is why “Survivor” considered filming the show in two different U.S. states instead.

“It was March 2020 when we made the official decision to postpone shooting Survivor 41 in Fiji. We immediately turned our full attention to finding another location and even considered shooting domestically in Georgia or Hawaii,” Jeff Probst said to the news outlet.

It would have been a really interesting twist for the series. While the show is known, and loved, for its twists and turns over the years, the U.S. locations would have offered something very different. Hawaii, with its sandy beaches and crystal waters, would have been a familiar sight to see. However, Georgia could have been potentially very different. No waterfront area would mean more forest settings rather than along the beach.

The U.S. locations didn’t work out. Probst said that each time they had selected a potential spot for filming, COVID-19 cases would surge in the area.

This is when the decision was made to pause on trying to film and to pick it all back up in March 2021. The filming would also return to a familiar location, Fiji.

Filming In Fiji For The Reality Show

The cast and crew members set up a designated area in Fiji that no other people could access. They quarantined for 14 days and waited for all negative tests. The biggest obstacle of all was getting 400 international crew members into Fiji, which involved chartering private jets.

It was an all-around grueling and emotional year-long process to get the team back together.

It’s a testament to not only how much the crew and cast are dedicated to “Survivor,” but also its everlasting impact on TV screens everywhere. Just like competitors about to be voted out at Tribal Council, the team behind “Survivor” certainly wasn’t going out without a fight. It may just be one of the most entertaining and fulfilling seasons yet, too.

“I’m not exaggerating when I say I’ve never felt anything like it in 21 years. The energy was 100 percent positive. I was smiling every single day and enjoying the players and the game in a really fresh way. I think you’ll feel it throughout the season. Survivor is back, and we’re going to have fun!” Probst also said.