‘Survivor’ Host Jeff Probst Teases New Season With Chilling Clip: ‘The Monster Is Hungry’

by John Jamison

The “Survivor” development team was busy this off-season. Fans of the long-running show are by now well-acquainted with the ever-changing locations and themes from season to season. Heading into Season 41, however, the show looks to have flipped the script entirely.

That’s right. Jeff Probst himself claimed it won’t be like any “Survivor” fans have seen before. Unfortunately, the promo video he shared on his Instagram was lacking in specific details. What it did show, though, looks chilling, to say the least.

The camera slowly pushes through the jungle. Music plays as off-screen contestants say things like “this is a very dangerous situation,” “this season is the most different ever,” and “this is a new game.”

It all builds toward the final moment wherein iconic “Survivor” host Jeff Probst’s voice narrates. He says, “We’re back. And the monster is hungry.”

Fans React to the New ‘Survivor’ Teaser Trailer

Fans are left to wonder what the heck this new “monster” addition means for the game. Naturally, the questions in the comments are endless. After all, “Survivor” has existed in its current form for more than two decades now. Granted, there have been evolutions and changes along the way. But for the most part, the game has remained largely the same.

Whatever the big twist is for Season 41, fans seem more excited than skeptical about the prospect of a “monster” getting involved. For many, that excitement took the form of humor.

“I’m guessing Boston Rob is the monster,” one Instagram user wrote, taking shots at one of the most legendary “Survivor” contestants of all time.

“CANT WAIT TO FIND OUT WHAT THIS MEANS,” a person who probably still has their caps lock on commented in amazement. 

“Who is the monster? so excited to watch the best show on tv,” a genuinely curious fan added.

“If you only knew how much time I’ve spent with Survivor on in the background over the past year. Can’t wait…” a dedicated fan bragged before joining in the excitement.

Season 41 Was Delayed By the COVID-19 Pandemic

The upcoming season is nearly a year behind schedule at this point. Originally slated to begin production in March 2020, Jeff Probst and the “Survivor” team waited until March 2021 to get underway. It does, however, promise to be worth the wait.

“I am thrilled to tell you all that @survivorcbs is going back into production and I will see you on the island for Survivor 41,” Jeff Probst tweeted in March.

The game-changing season is now set to premiere on September 22. But the highly anticipated wait has been made even more unbearable by teaser trailers like the one Jeff Probst just dropped on us.