‘Survivor’ May Face Some Celebrity Competition

by Madison Miller

Hopefully, a new show on the horizon isn’t going to force “Survivor” to snuff out its powerful torch on cable television.

The new show getting into the same survival-based TV genre is called “Beyond the Edge.” This show is set to premiere on Wednesday, March 19. It will air one week after “Survivor 42” premieres on CBS. This new celebrity-focused show will air during the time slot right after “Survivor.”

The two shows have several similarities but are also very different. For starters, contestants are stranded out in the middle of nowhere on a tropical island. On “Beyond the Edge,” there will be no eliminations, backstabbing, and voting people off the island. Rather, this show will allow these celebrities to take part in challenges in a mission to survive for two weeks. At the same time, they will be raising money for their selected charities.

The programming for the two shows is really smart on CBS’ part. “Survivor” is acting as the lead-in, seeing as the two will likely share some similar audiences. This is an overall really strategic move. You can also stream the show on Paramount+ as well.

More on Upcoming ‘Survivor’ Inspired Show

As for more on “Beyond the Edge,” here’s what to expect from the new rookie series. According to Deadline, nine celebrities will gather in the Panama jungle together. Amidst the bugs, wildlife, downpours, the heat, the sand in unimaginable places, and the basic need for food and water, these celebrities must last for two weeks.

This is also a team show. Instead of on “Survivor” where half the fun is stabbing people in the back to make it to the end, this show focuses on having faith in your teammates.

Each day they survive and each challenge they conquer will raise money for their charities. A celebrity can ring a bell to go home if the heat and the stress get to them. At the end of two weeks, the two that earned the most will face off in a final exciting adventure.

So, who are we going to see covered in dirt and likely whining about the outdoors? That would include Colton Underwood, Eboni K. Williams, Jodie Sweetin, Paulina Porizkova, Metta World Peace, Mike Singletary, Ray Lewis, Lauren Alaina, and Craig Morgan. You can also watch a preview for the upcoming show, which CBS shared on social media.

Interestingly, the host for the show is going to be Mauro Ranallo. He is a Showtime sports announcer.

It seems to be an interesting mix of reality stars, musicians, athletes, supermodels, and more. Alaina recently tweeted about getting to be involved in the show. She wrote, “Can’t wait to get y’all Beyond The Edge of your seats!! I’m so excited to be part of the new @CBS reality series #BeyondTheEdge! It was an experience unlike any other. Can’t wait for you to watch, starting March 16th!”

It’ll be interesting to see which charities these contestants will be assisting too.