‘Survivor’: Merger Chaos Could Affect Future Seasons of the Show

by Jonathan Howard
Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment 2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Every season for the last 40 seasons, Survivor gets more intense after the merger. However, in this 41st season, things have gotten really wild. Now, the chaos could have an effect on future seasons.

In case you missed it, things got a little hectic in the last episode of Survivor. It was a rather normal episode, but things are always changing in the game. Erika was out on Exile Island doing a 48hr visit there. That’s when host Jeff Probst came by the island with an offer. Needless to say, she took it, and it flipped the immunity groups around, causing problems for other contestants.

Meanwhile, “Cookout” alliance member, Liana was set to use her power and take the immunity idol from Xander. Her former Yase tribemate was catching onto her plans and was quick to react. When she approached him and demanded the idol, he gave her a false one he had worked on making. It worked and Liana was out of her advantage.

However, the current alliances are worth noting. The “Cookout” alliance idea was used in Big Brother recently. An alliance of just the Black contestants on the show. That original alliance took over their show and went to the finals. Now, it seems that the Survivor version could pose just as formidable.

It won’t be so easy with all the advantages still out there, including Xander’s super idol, but this alliance is showing they could make a deep run into the game. If this works out, it could mean that these alliances pop up more in future seasons. Is it necessarily any stronger than other alliances? That remains to be seen. The finals of this season could change the dynamic of future seasons of Survivor.

‘Survivor’ Season 41 Still Full of Surprises Post-Merge

Since the merge, things have changed. These new alliances are being formed and those not in an alliance are going to have to make a decision for themselves. Either form their own or continue to lay low and hope you aren’t voted off. When Erika was in a predicament, an hourglass saved her.

Jeff Probst offered the exiled contestant an opportunity. She could take the hourglass he had given her and smash it. Doing so would turn back the hands of time and take her off Exile Island. It would erase everything that happened between the last challenge and her exile. That is what set up the vote that ended up being filled with twists and turns.

There was a fake idol, other powers were withheld for at least one more week, and Erika had saved herself. With a new set of contestants up for elimination, it wasn’t clear what would happen. However, with the alliances drawn how they are, Sydney ended up getting the bad end of the deal. The rest of the players voted her off and she had to leave the show. Tensions are rising and so are the stakes with each new episode.