‘Survivor’: What Boston Rob Has Done Since Reality TV Fame

by TK Sanders

Boston Rob Mariano, who first appeared on Survivor in 2002 when the show was in its infancy, holds the record for the most appearances on the show. After five appearances total, Boston Rob collected more than a few hefty paychecks — not to mention the money his future wife, Amber Mariano, won in season eight — but reality TV money doesn’t last forever. What does the iconic survivor do in the meantime? We’re glad you asked.

Rob’s first priority is his family, which includes Amber and their four daughters. Rob competed in season four before coming back for the show’s first All-Star season a few years later. He met his future-wife on the island that year, and also helped scheme their way to the winner’s circle before proposing marriage during the show’s live finale. Rob eventually came back for season 20 but didn’t last long. Two years later, though, he won the sole survivor title.

Rob and Amber both returned for one final time in the show’s Winner at War season, but didn’t last long as they were seen as a massive threat together. Rob and Amber also competed on two Amazing Race seasons, posting strong showings.

How Boston Rob makes a living outside of television

Outside of reality television, Rob likes to leverage his popularity in a number of ways. Known as Boston Rob because of the Red Sox hat he wore on the Survivor islands, Rob likes to sell themed memorabilia like signed hats and books. His book, Strategies for Life, documents stories and tips from a life in reality TV. Rob also likes to highlight his Italian heritage. He wrote a cookbook with lots of family recipes and even a few Survivor-themed recipes like crispy coconut rice.

Boston Rob also cashes in regularly on his fame by sending Cameo videos to fans. Cameo is an app that allows fans to pay for small video messages from celebrities. They’re most often used as a funny gift or happy birthday message for a friend. Rob’s account shows over 1,000 transactions from fans and a perfect rating to boot.

Like many blue collar folks who come into a nice chunk of change, the Mariano’s also like to renovate and flip homes on the side. The former construction worker even sells Boston Rob construction gear, including shirts and hoodies. He may be branding and selling everything in his life, but Boston Rob is no slouch on the job site. Last year, Rob participated in a CBS special called Secret Celebrity Renovation, where he surprised a family with an updated home.

Ironically enough, despite the Boston branding and all-out public-facing reality TV career, Rob and Amber live in Pensacola, Florida. Fans of the show, though, will always know him as Boston Rob.