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‘Survivor’: What Sydney Segal Did After the Show

by Joe Rutland
(Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment 2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.)

There have been a lot of amazing contestants on Survivor over the years. One of them was Sydney Segal. What happened to her?

Segal appeared in Season 41 of Survivor and definitely made her mark in the annals of the show. Let’s get an update from a story on ScreenRant.

Sydney Segal helped to cultivate a sense of optimism surrounding the show’s future. She did not get as far as some others in the history of the show. But she got viewers’ attention. So much so that some wonder what the future holds for such a powerful personality. 

‘Survivor’ Contestant Started Off As Member of the Luvu Tribe

The Survivor player started off in the Luvu Tribe. She didn’t attend a single tribal council during the game’s first phase. But the 26-year-old law student was plotting behind the scenes. Segal had a well-crafted game plan for just the right time.

Well, she was eliminated during her first tribal council in spite of the fact that her group had won immunity. A Survivor hourglass twist switched the results of the immunity challenge. It put her as a last-minute pick to be voted off the island.

Now, winning immunity is supposed to make you safe. So much for that rule, Survivor fans. Her future looks doggone bright.

Segal Sees Herself Practicing Law In Criminal Defense For Future

She talked about it on the podcast Burt n Burger. By practicing law, Segal is “a third-generation Esquire,” continuing the legacy of her father and grandfather. She wants to specialize in criminal defense. Segal joked that she would parlay her legal experience “into being the President” but that sometimes she simply wants “to be a stay-at-home sugar baby tennis mom.” 

She has gotten over the hourglass twist issue that took away a possible opportunity to win on Survivor. Segal appears to still be very ambitious and charismatic.

Here is something fans might be wanting to see. Will she ever get a second chance to compete? We don’t know and time will tell.

Would she even be open to doing it? It sounds like Segal is all set for a solid life beyond the game. She has a lot of goals and a sense of humor. Maybe she will get back into the entertainment world. But she will shoot for the moon in her ventures.

Of course, Jeff Probst and the entire Survivor crew are getting ready for another season. The show remains quite popular after all these seasons and Probst provides a sense of steadiness as host and an executive producer. You will have to tune into CBS and see what happens as a new group of contestants will see if they can win the game.