‘Survivor’: Why You Shouldn’t Hold Your Breath for a ‘First Boots’ Season

by Maggie Schneider

Survivor fans are wondering if they will ever see the highly-talked about “First Boots” season. It looks like the possibility is unlikely.

For years, Survivor has been teasing the concept of a “First Boots” season. The idea itself is pretty unique, and something that competitive reality television has not quite seen before. The cast of a season like this would exclusively feature players voted off on the first episodes of their prospective seasons.

While the premise is interesting, don’t hold your breath. Host Jeff Probst says that producing a season like this is highly unlikely. It would be difficult to cast 18-20 players who were all voted off of the island immediately. Many first boots would likely turn down the offer, while others may be too old to participate. Of course, there is also the question of choosing players who are both interesting and strategic.

“Survivor” Fans Root For ‘First Boot’ Favorites

Survivor does not expect to make this themed-season idea a reality. However, many fans are rooting for their first boot favorites to return. With 41 seasons under the show’s belt, there are many players who viewers believe were eliminated too soon. From Marisa Calihan [Season 19] , to Sonja Christopher [Season 1], fans are passionate about their favorites’ redemption.

“Marisa definitely 100% has HARDCORE winner energy and I wish she had another chance to play,” one user comments.

“Tina from Survivor: Exile Island will always have one of the most emotional moments ever on this show for me. We lost her first to keep Cirie, which I think we can all accept. But the fact that she was the first boot makes it even more gut-wrenching,” another fan writes.

We are all hoping that the production team changes their mind about the concept.

Season 41’s “Defining Moment”

In an interview with TV Line, Jeff Probst talks about the defining moment of Season 41.

“That’s a tough question to answer because it’s so subjective, but I’ll give it a go,” he begins. “My vote would go for Ricard turning on Shan as the defining moment of the season. As a pair, you have to put them up there with JT and Stephen, Domenick and Wendell or Denise and Malcolm.”

He goes on to talk about the emotional aspects of the player’s relationships.

“Their relationship was really unique because of the way they fought like brother and sister. It kind of blew my mind how fast they became like family and how openly they talked about eventually taking each other out. It was fascinating.”

“In Survivor, the goal is to take out the biggest threats while still getting them to vote for you in the final three,” Probst adds. “So maybe the most telling moment of the depth of their respect for each other came as Shan was grabbing her torch and telling Ricard he had her million-dollar vote.”