Suzanne Somers Selling $8.5 Million Palm Springs Estate: Take a Tour with Incredible Photo Gallery

by Katie Maloney

Actress Suzanne Somers is bidding adieu to her Palm Springs estate.

Actress, author, and health spokesperson Suzanne Somers recently put her 73 acres, eight-bedroom, 11 bath estate on the market. Scott Lyle of Teles Properties is the listing agent and the group is asking $14.5 million for the home. Somers previously listed the estate in 2008 for $35 million. Somers and her husband, Alan Hamel, have lived on the estate since they purchased it in 1977.

The home is modeled after L’oustau De Baumaniere in Provence, France and it’s located in a mountainside above the valley in Mesa Canyon. You can access the home via a golf cart or a hillside of stone steps. It’s not accessible via cars. There are five buildings on the estate with 8,826 square feet of living space between the pavilions. One house is the master suite. Another is the dining and living room. There’s also a separate two-room kitchen and wine cellar. Lastly, there’s a stone guest house designed in the 1920s by Albert Frey. But what’s an estate without some really cool amenities? The home also contains an outdoor amphitheater carved into the mountain that seats 50. There’s also a meditation garden, dance floor, pool, spa, hiking trails and a natural waterfall. So if anyone has a few million dollars lying around, check out Suzanne Somers’s house!

Suzanne Somers Dealt With a Freaky Home Invasion Last Year

It’s difficult to forget a creepy incident that occurs in your home. Even months after the incident, you may find it difficult to move on. Maybe that’s why Suzanne Somers and her husband are opting for a new home? Just last year, the “Three’s Company” star was faced with a half-naked intruder while filming a Facebook live video in her backyard. Suzanne Somers was promoting her organic cosmetics line when a man wearing nothing but a bikini bottom walked into her home.

Her husband was filming her video when Somers paused and asked, “Is somebody here?” Her husband wrote off the sounds saying that it was just a frog. But Somers had a bad feeling. She continued, “I just heard a person.” Seconds after her statement, an off-camera voice said “Over here.”

Somers turned around and that’s when she saw the half-naked man standing in her doorway. But she didn’t even freak out! She simply asked, “Who are you?” The man started talking about being chased by ghosts and hearing the sounds of the devil. Luckily, a fan called the police while watching the live video. No one was harmed and the police escorted the man from the premises. But, an incident like that can be difficult to forget. We hope Suzanne Somers and her husband’s next home is free of unwelcomed half-naked men.

Suzanne Somers reacts to home invader.