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‘Swamp People’: The Edwards Tangle with a Massive Gator Called the ‘Champ’

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

There’s nothing like watching a major gator battle go down on the Louisiana swamps with “Swamp People” stars the Edwards in pursuit.

They were gunning, literally, for a major-league alligator nicknamed the “Champ.”

Lord have mercy, Outsiders. This tussle is one for the books indeed. You have William “Willie” Edwards and “Little” Willie Edwards aiming to pick up a “Champ” for a catch.

How did it work out? Take a look at this clip from Season 11 on “Swamp People” on The History Channel.

Well, Outsiders, life down on the swamplands is definitely interesting.

Toss in some gator hunting and as fast as you could say “Choot’Em!” like Troy Landry, then you’d be living the good life in Louisiana.

“Swamp People” keeps viewers interested all over the United States. Right now, the show is in its 11th season so go catch up on episodes or watch new ones.

These gator hunters will have your attention, for sure.

‘Swamp People’ Star Troy Landry Has To Wrangle With Cannibal ‘Vampire Gator’

We mentioned Troy Landry a bit ago, Outsiders, so why not a true tale about Mr. “Choot’Em!” heading off a major gator problem.

This gator was no ordinary one. Nope, it was a “Vampire Gator” who has been keeping busy.

Oh, brother, Troy Landry has a headache on his hands.

What will our “Swamp People” hero do? He’s got some plans around nabbing the gator who is “devouring” ol’ Troy’s catch.

“That gator’s givin’ us some drama,” Landry said as he goes through the swamps of Louisiana. “We need to catch his ass. Catch him and put him on the barbecue pit.”

Landry’s Son Jacob Helps Pop Make Sure Major-League Gator Doesn’t Trouble Them

Landry’s son Jacob Landry, who “Swamp People” fans know looks just like his Pop. Well, Jacob sees a “bunch of bubbles” in the water. This makes him think that old gator is near one of their lines.

He said, “I knew there was another alligator. Didn’t know how big it was, but it was going there to eat on the one that was on the line.”

Well, father and son team up to not only catch the gator but bring him back…dead.

It’s just another adventure for Landry and his family. Troy has been on the show for many seasons and remains one of its biggest stars. How good has the show been to him? These days, you can see Landry wearing hats or shirts with his legendary “Choot’Em!” trademark call on them.

That’s right. His “Choot’Em!” is now part of a marketing program for him and his family. Talk about a sweet deal.

Any Outsiders who want to “feel” like they are with one of the show’s stars might check that out. Of course, maybe you could head down to the swamps for some gator hunting.