‘Swamp People’: How Having a Camera Crew Affects the Hunting of Alligators

by Katie Maloney

The “Swamp People” stars know that alligator hunting isn’t for the faint of heart.

But what requires even more skill is successfully going for a hunt with an entire film crew on your boat. During an interview, “Swamp People” star Troy Landry talked about navigating an alligator hunt with an entire film crew tagging along.

“Of course, the more people you’ve got in harm’s way, the more dangerous it is and the more careful you have to be. But, you know, it’s all worked out good,” said Landry.

We’d definitely agree that it worked out well for the stars of the show. As previously reported, Landry opened up about the positive impact the show has had on the lives of alligator hunters. He said that the price of alligator meat has nearly doubled since the show’s debut. That’s a lot more earnings for everyone involved.

Landry also said that having a camera crew along with him during his hunting rides actually improves his overall safety. He said that he slows down and takes his time when he has another person to think about besides himself.

“We take our time more now that we’ve got the camera people with us. We slow down a little bit and take our time more than we used to,” said Landry.

The “Swamp People” star added that his cameraman has become like a family member to him. In fact, he refused to continue the show unless he worked with the same cameraman.

“I love my cameraman and I treat him like he’s part of my family,” said Landry. “When I do something in the boat that he don’t like, he threatens to tell my wife or tell my momma on me. When they came down this year to film season two, I told them the only way I’d do it is if I had my same cameraman with me.”

How Much Do ‘Swamp People’ Stars Make For Starring On The Show?

it’s great to hear that daring alligator hunters are now earning more for their work as a result of “Swamp People”‘s fame. But we want to know how much the stars make, not for their hunts, but for their work on the show. So, how much do cast members earn for starring on “Swamp People”? Turns out the salaries vary just as much as the size of alligators the stars find during their hunts. Season 12 currently follows 19 cast members. The aforementioned star, Troy Landry, is said to rake in the most earning from the show. He is the show’s star and a fan-favorite after all. He’s said to have a net worth of $2 million and earns $30,000 per month from the show.

However, his less famous son, Jacob Landry, makes only $40 per episode of “Swamp People.” Some sources say that other cast members make about $10,000 per episode. $10K may not be the same as $2 million. But $10,000 per episode during a 20-episode season isn’t anything to scoff at.