Here’s How ‘Swamp People’ Star Troy Landry Like to Eat His Alligator

by Jonathan Howard

The alligator hunter’s on Swamp People know a thing or two about Cajun cuisine. Of course, star Troy Landry is going to know how best to eat gator. With a recent interview with Louisiana’s travel and tourism site, Landry laid out a lot of swamp wisdom for readers. One of those topics included how he enjoys his gator.

Anyone who knows about alligators knows that there are different meats in the animal. Instead of dark and white meat like a chicken, a gator has red and white meat. Each kind is best served in different ways.

When asked about his preferences on the topic Landry said, “I love grilled alligator. Grilled gator is very good. We pan fry it, and we make a sauce piquante, a stew, that’s very good.” Despite what some may think, grilled meat is the best meat and Landry seems to think so on gator.

As for the different types of meat in the gator. Troy Landry broke that down when discussing his favorite ways to prepare the meat.

Landry explained, “The leg is red meat and we make a stew with that. The white meat, we like to grill it or fry it up or put it on the fire pit.” It sounds like Mr. Landry just likes his gator. Prepare it well, season it and it should come out tasting just fine.

It isn’t just alligators that Troy Landry hunts and eats. In between hunting gators in the swamps and being on television, Landry fishes crawfish. “Right now, when we’re not busy with alligators, looking for alligators, and looking where we’re going to fish next year, we are trying to supply the rest of the world with crawfish.”

So, Landry keeps himself busy while harvesting some of the best culinary offerings of Louisianna

‘Swamp People’ Star Troy Landry Knows Alligators

While some assume that the events in History Channel’s Swamp People are exaggerated or set up, the men on the show really do the dangerous work involved. Landry just wants viewers to better understand the Cajun lifestyle. What he doesn’t want the viewers to get too hung up on the killing aspect of the show. Something Landry says History has done a good job of.

“Mostly I was worried about—I didn’t want them to show too much of the killing part of the alligator. It’s real nasty in the boat; at the end of the day, it gets ugly,” Landry laid out in simple terms. The alligator hunter doesn’t shy away from the reality of his job. However, he hopes viewers understand what he does.

When asked about what he wants viewers to take away from the show, Landry gave a wholesome answer. “I hope they just see us for who we are: good-hearted, hard-working people. We never meet a stranger. We try to make everybody welcome.”

The folks at Swamp People keep the show going and Troy Landry and his famous striped polo will be along for the ride. Hunting, killing, and grilling up gator.