‘Swamp People’: Jay Paul Molinere Got His Son Involved in Alligator Hunting at Young Age

by Joe Rutland

While anyone who watches “Swamp People” knows the show is about alligator hunting, one of its stars got his son involved pretty young.

Jay Paul Molinere, in a 2012 interview with Powwows.com, shared that he wanted to make sure that his boy got into hunting for gators from the get-go.

“I have a son that is almost 3 and he and my niece are already involved,” Molinere said. His son would either be 12 or 13 as of 2021, depending upon his birthday.

‘Swamp People’ Star Said Kids Learn About What’s Happening Through Stories

“The kids like seeing what we come home with, so at the end of the day they come out and see the days’ catch,” Molinere said about his work on “Swamp People”. “As we show them we also tell them all the stuff that happened that day, and by listening to our stories they learn it like they would any other tradition a family might have.

“Kids at that age soak up everything and that’s important because as the next generation, they are key to what we do,” he said. “As soon as they are old enough to understand and are able to follow directions, they are in the boat. The key to that is just for them to know when it’s time to sit down and listen.”

Jay Paul and his father, R.J., are no longer on “Swamp People” as they left after Season 10. No one knows if they still hunt alligators. If they are, though, then they’re doing it on their own and not with The History Channel show.

Troy Landry Has Heard Plenty of Things While Out In The Bayou

If you think that Molinere had some stories to tell his son, then wait until you hear from Troy Landry.

Landry, known for his “Choot’Em!” holler from the show, is asked in a 2011 interview with TvTango if he has seen scary creatures like “Ol’ One Eye.”

That’s some type of creature which the “Swamp People” star said has one red eye. Supposedly, this creature swims beneath the water and runs on its hind legs like a black bear will stand on two legs. Landry said that his father saw it but Troy hasn’t been as lucky.

“They got Bigfoot sightings in the swamp,” Landry said. “They got screams at night. I think we have a few black panthers at night. Especially during mating season, I think that’s what they hear. A big gator, when he’s mating, let’s out a roar, and people aren’t used to that.”

So it’s safe to say that you never know what comes along in the Atchafalaya Basin Bayou. Watch out for “Ol’ One Eye” and his buddies on “Swamp People”.