‘Swamp People’: One Star Says Alligator Meat Has ‘Almost Doubled’ in Price Since Show’s Debut

by Shelby Scott

“Swamp People” has aired on the History Channel for a consecutive 12 seasons. Since its debut, swamp person Troy Landry claims alligator meat has almost doubled in price since the show’s premiere in 2010.

“Since the show came out and showed us fishing alligators, it’s been very positive for the sale of alligator meat,” the star said to louisianatravel.com.

Additionally, “Swamp People” has encouraged a slightly greater increase in sales of alligator hide and skin. However, it pales in comparison to the sales of alligator meat.

“It has affected [hide and skin sales] a little bit to the positive,” Landry shared. “I really think its going to eventually affect hide sales too.”

For now, though, alligator hunters make the majority of their living off the meat gleaned from the animals.

However, regardless of the success concerning alligator meat sales, Landry emphasized that living simply is an important value for him. While the alligators earn a living, it’s his family’s reputation that truly matters. Landry said of he and his family, “I hope [viewers] just see us for who we are: good-hearted, hardworking people.” According to the “Swamp People” star, the family lives simply, doing their best to be welcoming and friendly.

“I don’t worry at all about what other people have. I just make sure we have what we need, and we’ve always been blessed,” Landry said.

‘Swamp People’ Troy Landry Emphasizes the Importance of Time Spent with Family

It is truly remarkable how well the alligator meat industry is performing following the 2010 debut of the hit show, “Swamp People.” However, Troy Landry emphasized that part of the reason for his passion connects to providing for his family.

During the interview, Landry shared that his father owns a little bait shop, and he sells bait to the local crawfishermen and crabbers. While Landry isn’t filming, he can be found there, and he said he usually just hangs around with his dad. Typically, he has a cup of coffee in the mornings or a beer in the afternoons. They just shoot the bull at Duffy’s Shell station.

Additionally, following the early season premiers, Landry shared that even his mom began getting recognition and love from fans. He detailed one time when his mom went to the doctor and she told someone she was from Pierre Part. In response, the individual asked her if she knew the “Swamp People.” And of course, she wound up replying that one of the swamp people was her son.

“My momma told me she had to take pictures with these people and sign autographs for them. It’s unbelievable,” he said.

In addition to his blood family, Landry shared that as he works with the camera crews, they become like family to him too.

“I love my cameraman and I treat him like he’s part of my family,” Landry said. When it came time to record season 2, the “Swamp People” star told show producers he would only go forward with it if he was able to work with the same cameraman.