‘Swamp People’ Star Explains Why Crews Typically Get Best Hauls When ‘Nobody Else is Catching’ Alligators

by Joe Rutland

“Swamp People” viewers on The History Channel will see the numerous alligator hunters catching a lot of them. One star explains why that’s so.

“We usually catch alligators when nobody else is catching any,” Troy Landry, who’s been on “Swamp People” since it first aired in 2010, said.

“I don’t think it’s because we are better hunters,” Landry said. “I think it’s just because we have a little more experience and a few little tricks up our sleeves, just like the ones I am sharing with you, that others may not always think of.

“We manage to catch five or six really big ones every year,” Landry, who lives in Pierre Part, La., said. “Most hunters only catch one every 10 years. Paying attention to the little things makes a difference.”

‘Swamp People’ Star Has Appeared In Two of Show’s Three Spin-offs

Landry has been a favorite of many viewers because when he gets near a gator catch, he’s known to yell “Choot’Em!” in the boat. While he’s also known for “Swamp People,” Landry has appeared in two of three spin-offs from that main show.

In 2012, “Outback Hunters” aired for one season and featured crocodile hunters in Australia. In 2018, “Swamp Mysteries With Troy Landry” ran for one season, too, that starred Landry.

Then in 2020, “Swamp People Serpent Invasion” started up with Landry among the show’s stars. That spin-off focuses on getting rid of pythons within the Everglades in Florida.

But the main show remains quite popular with fans that tune into The History Channel. “Swamp People” just finished its 12th season in May 2021.

Currently, there are 19 alligator hunters who appear on “Swamp People.”

Viewers Know Troy Landry Wears A Special Type of Shirt Each Show

Landry loves to wear Polo shirts and people know this as they tune in each week on “Swamp People.” 

It’s not just any Polo shirt, but a striped one at that. Why does he wear a striped Polo shirt? Landry answered during an interview with Louisiana Travel.

“It is my lucky shirt, and I had about seven or eight of ’em and I’m down to about three now,” Landry, who’s been a regular on “Swamp People” for years, said. “I’m trying to find me some new ones, and the wife can’t find none that’s exactly the same.

“So, ah, I don’t know what I’m gonna do in the future. … I need to find me some new ones and we’ve been looking, and they are hard to find exactly like that,” Landry said. “But it is my lucky shirt. That’s why I catch all those big ones—I always wear that shirt.”

He won’t have to worry about running out of those shirts. His wife buys them in bulk from Kohl’s store.