Why ‘Swamp People’ Star Had Serious Concerns About Starting Show: ‘It Gets Ugly’

by Jonathan Howard

When out on the swamp, hunting alligators, things aren’t always pretty. Swamp People star Troy Landry knows exactly how ugly things get on the water. While things typically look under control, nothing is certain when dealing with an angry gator on the end of a line.

Before the show began back in 2010, Troy Landry had some concern that things might be too much for audiences. The intention, however, was never to offend. Landry has expressed his concerns in the past saying, “Mostly I was worried about — I didn’t want them to show too much of the killing part of the alligator.” Although the show revolves around gator hunting, Landry wants the takeaway to be more than killing.

Of course, hunting alligators isn’t glamorous. Landry hopes viewers understand the cultural aspect and the familial aspect of the show.

“It’s real nasty in the boat; at the end of the day, it gets ugly. I was really worried they [History Channel] were going to make it a blood battle on TV.” Luckily, the series has refrained from dramatic over-the-top antics.

After all the harsh, ‘ugly’ work is done, at the end of the day it is a job. This job helps feed the families of Troy Landry and the other gator hunters.

Landry said to Louisiana Travel, “They showed a lot of our families. We live simple down here because that’s the way we choose to live, you know.” Landry keeps it simple.

‘Swamp People’ Star Grew Up in the Bayou

Since Swamp People began, History Channel has followed these hunters all over. Having to deal with gators with the pressure of being filmed can’t make it any easier. Experienced hunters can find themselves in tricky situations, but it always helps to have more experience than none at all.

For Troy Landry, the swamp is home and the bayou is where he has lived his entire life. “I grew up in the bayous and the swamps, and I’m happy where I’m at and doing what I’m doing.” Being able to represent and show off the best of his community and lifestyle has to be rewarding for Landry and the other hunters.

Although there are guns, yelling, and tense situations involved, the show shows the culture of the region. It also shows a rarely seen occupation for most Americans. Without Swamp People how many people would believe that men on airboats hunt gator by hand?

Viewers of the show know that blood and the nasty stuff are usually avoided. The show is famous for pulling away as the rifle fires off and showing a relatively clean animal once it is in the boat. Alligator hunting is a rich tradition in Louisianna and the show does a great job of showing that tradition. Landry does a great job continuing the tradition and honoring it in his own way.