‘Swamp People’ Star Little Willie Gets Injured Out on the Hunt

by Amy Myers

With gnarly gators chomping at the end of their lines, it’s no secret that the Swamp People face danger on a regular basis. Of course, these hunters always have to stay sharp while on the water. One slip of the hand or wrong maneuver can end in a major injury. However, sometimes, the most threatening aspect of their job is themselves.

Don’t get us wrong – the gators on Swamp People are deadly predators that will take off a hunter’s arm without a second thought. However, with how much experience these stars have handling these reptiles, they aren’t so scary. Instead, it’s the little mistakes that tend to have the hunters scrambling for their first aid kits.

Take, for example, when Little Willie had helped his dad wrangle a 10-foot gator, the first of the season. The Swamp People star did everything perfectly, handling the line with ease as he got his dad the perfect shot. Then the two pulled their game on board and got to work dressing and tagging it.

Unfortunately, that’s when things got a bit bloody.

While Little Willie held the gator’s tail, his father, Willie Edwards, accidentally jabbed his knuckle with the knife. According to the Swamp People dad, his son held the tail too high and the tip of the knife slipped upwards into Little Willie’s hand.

At the sight of his own blood, Little Willie began to sway, and his father knew he needed to act fast so that his son didn’t lose consciousness. So, after wrapping up Little Willie’s finger, Willie instructed his son to sit down. Then he cranked on the throttle and whipped back out onto the open water so that Little Willie could get some cool air.

‘Swamp People’ Father-Son Duo Make a Comeback

Thankfully, the young Swamp People star managed to recover and was ready to get back into action. In fact, Willie Edwards even let his son steer to their next line.

Then we got to see a rare occurrence. Instead of pulling on a line, Willie spotted a gator swimming near their bait. So, he took the shot and hurried to grab his hook to reel the floundering reptile closer to the boat. Little Willie pulled the gator closer, but before his dad could get another shot, the gator slipped from the hook and scurried underwater.

The Swamp People duo then had to chase down the gator once again to tag it, but also to put it out of its misery. Thankfully, after some struggling, the two rehooked the reptile and got the shot. Once they pulled him on board, they realized he was a nine-footer. Not bad for their first day back out on the water.