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‘Swamp People’ Star T-Roy Broussard Shows Off Hunting Dog Taking Care of Business on ‘Greenhead Day’

by Amy Myers
(photo by Mike Kemp/In Pictures via Getty Images Images)

This year’s gator season has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean that the Swamp People stars spend their time indoors. Star T-Roy Broussard is back out on the water, but this time, he’s looking for mallards, or “greenheads,” instead.

The hunter posted a video of his Thanksgiving day hunt as he successfully brought down two drakes. Thankfully, he had his trusty bird dog by his side so he didn’t have to go trudging through the waters to retrieve them. Broussard showed off his talented dog as it swam back with the duck held gingerly in his mouth.

“Fetch him up,” Broussard said as he coaxed his golden retriever closer.

Once back on dry land, the Swamp People star gave his pooch lots of praise. Hopefully, the pup got a part of the duck as a reward, too.

Take a look at the dynamic duo go to work in the clip below.

Along with boasting his dog’s abilities, Broussard demonstrated a skill of his own and played the duck call like it was an instrument. He called in several mallards as they flew past the water.

“That’s what happens on Thanksgiving, right there,” the Swamp People star said before turning to his trusty hunting companion. “Ain’t that right, bud? Yes, sir.”

Broussard later followed up with a photo of his two mallards with gorgeous green heads.

“That’s what it’s all about right there!!!” he captioned the post.

‘Swamp People’ Star Spends Quality Time with Daughters on the Pond

Broussard also has two other very important hunting partners in his life – his two daughters. Over the years, the three have taken down plenty of ducks and deer and have fought with plenty of fish. Both girls have become impressive hunters in their own rights, and of course, the bonus is that they get to spend some quality time with their Swamp People star of a dad.

Most recently, Broussard took his youngest daughter out on the water for some hen hunting. Sure enough, the future Swamp People star brought down a mallard of her own. She posed with her game for a photo, and her proud father posted the victory on Instagram.

“First mottled duck and first duck she shot flying!!!!” he exclaimed.

Broussard’s daughter smiled excitedly, dressed head to toe in camo. The next step for the young hunter was to learn how to clean the game and prep it for dinner. Knowing the Swamp People family, they surely had a savory recipe in mind for the duck.